How to automate Gulp tasks?

Buddy lets you build apps with Gulp and deploy them to the server on a single push to Git:


  1. Sign up at
  2. Select the repository with your JS project:

  3. Add and configure a new pipeline:

    • enter the pipeline name
    • set the trigger mode to ‘On every push’
    • select the branch that will trigger the execution
  4. Look up the Gulp action in the Builds section. Here you can:

    • change the image version of Node.js
    • install missing apps, libs & tools in the Packages tab
    • attach MySQL, Mongo and other microservices in the Services tab
  5. Add and configure the transfer action to your server (eg. SFTP).

TIP: You can use environment variables to store sensitive data.

When done, your pipeline should look like this:

You can also add a notification to ‘Actions run on failure’ that will let you know in case anything goes wrong

That’s it! From now on Buddy will automatically build and deploy your app on every push to the assigned branch.

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