Workspace URL & ownership

You can change the URL and owner of the workspace in the Workspace Settings at the projects dashboard view:

Workspace settings locationWorkspace settings location

The link is only visible to workspace owners and administrators.

The link will take you to the workspace management tab:

Workspace name & URL settingsWorkspace name & URL settings

  1. The Display name is the name displayed on your workspace list and the browser tab. Changing this name does not change the workspace URL.
  2. The URL handle defines the address at which the workspace is available. The handle is the last section of your workspace URL:$WORKSPACE_URL_HANDLE.
  3. You can change the color of the Buddy logo for easier identification (useful if you share multiple workspaces).
The URL handle can use lowercase letters, numbers, and - (dash) and _ (footer) characters. Other special characters are not allowed. The handle must start and end with a letter or a number.

URL handle for Git projects hosted with Buddy

Changing the workspace URL handle changes the URL of all Git projects hosted with Buddy Git hosting. If you change the URL handle, remember to update the project URL in your local folders for all applicable repositories.

Run this command:

git remote set-url origin
If you are using our API, you also need to update the domain there or it won't work.

Workspace owner

The workspace owner has all rights of an administrator with exclusive access to the workspace billing settings.

Changing workspace owner

You can transfer workspace ownership to another user in the Plan, Usage & Billing tab of the workspace settings. Click the corresponding button and select a new owner from the dropdown menu:

Workspace ownership transferWorkspace ownership transfer

The user you selected will receive a confirmation email that informs of the ownership transfer. As soon as the user confirms, they become the new owner of the workspace.

You can transfer workspace ownership to active users only, i.e. those who accepted the invitation to that workspace. The dropdown list shows only active users.
If the workspace is on a paid plan, make sure that the new owner adds a payment method as the previous owner will no longer be charged.

Last modified on April 26, 2022

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