Domain & ownership

Workspace settings can be accessed in the Preferences tab of the dashboard view. The tab is visible only for account owners and administrators and covers general workspace settings: domain and ownership, 2FA settings, user permissions, web hooks, environment variables and SSH keys, and billing details (owners only).

Workspace settings locationWorkspace settings location

Name and domain

  • The workspace name is the name displayed on the browser tab and the list of workspaces to which you belong. Changing the name will not modify the URL.
  • The workspace domain is a part of the workspace URL. Changing the domain will modify the URL.

Workspace name and domainWorkspace name and domain

The domain must be lowercase and contain only letters, numbers or - (dash) and _ (footer) characters. It must start and end with a letter or number.

Domain URL for projects hosted on Buddy

If you are using Buddy as your Git provider, modifying the domain name will change the URL's of all hosted projects. Make sure to update the URL with the following command in the local folders of all repositories:

git remote set-url origin

If you are using our API, you also need to update the domain there or it won't work.

Workspace owner

The workspace owner has all rights of an administrator with exclusive access to the workspace's billing settings.

Changing workspace owner

You can transfer the ownership in the workspace Preferences > Settings by selecting the new owner from the dropdown list:

Workspace ownership transferWorkspace ownership transfer

The new owner must be an active member of the workspace, i.e. must accept the invitation to the account. Otherwise, they will not be visible on the selection list.