Automate Shopify deployment in 10 minutes

Compile, test and release Shopify themes in seconds with Buddy CI/CD

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Automation has never been easier

Automation has never been easier
  • Sign up

    Sign up to Buddy and hook your Git repository.

  • Create pipeline

    Drag & drop actions to create a delivery pipeline.

  • Deploy

    Make a push to Git to build, test and deploy your theme.

Learn how to automate deployments to Shopify stores

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Shopify Theme Kit CLI

Run CLI commands to create new themes, upload files, and back up your themes before the deployment.

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Shopify theme kit cli

Release better themes faster

  • Testing in Buddy

    Improve code quality

    Check code with ESLint and run tests with to avoid bugs.

  • Optimizing in Buddy

    Optimize performance

    Compile CSS and bundle JS to improve the performance of your shop.

  • Visual tests

    Check visuals

    Run visual tests to check how your changes affected the website's looks.

Why digital agencies choose Buddy


Buddy integrates with tens of tools and services, allowing you to expand delivery automation far beyond Shopify themes.

Easy onboarding

Buddy is so easy to use you won't need to run trainings for new employees. Even non-tech people can use it.

Flexible pricing

Assign resources to pipelines and add features on-the-fly to keep the budget under control. Do more, spend wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Shopify Plus brands are switching to Buddy?

  • What are tangible benefits of delivery automation?

  • Can I test my theme before the release?

  • Is Buddy free?

It’s easy to get started

Buddy provides a forever-free account. You can upgrade when needed.

  • Unlimited Delivery Pipelines

  • High-performance Build Environment

  • Easy configuration via GUI & YAML

  • First-class Docker support

  • Continuous Deployment for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more

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