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Shopyify experts

“Buddy made the deployment process really simple and
fast. The UI is super friendly and the devs didn't need to read
any manual or documentation to start using it. The Slack
notification templating/system is really cool too, and being
able to notify multiple slack channels is quite useful for us
due to sharing channel with customers”

Guillermo Hiroma

Technical Lead 
at Flagship LLC

Guillermo Hiroma

Automation has never
been easier

Automation has never been easier

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Sign up to Buddy and hook your Git repository.

Create pipeline

Drag & drop actions to create a delivery pipeline.


Make a push to Git to build, test and deploy your theme.

Learn how to automate deployments to Shopify stores

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Shopify Theme

Shopify Theme Kit CLI

Run CLI commands to create new themes, upload files, and back up your themes before the deployment.

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Release better
themes faster

Improve code quality

Check code with ESLint and run tests with to avoid bugs.

Shopify Theme Kit CLI
Optimize performance

Optimize performance

Compile CSS and bundle JS to improve the performance of your shop.

Check visuals

Run visual tests to check how your changes affected the website's looks.

Check visuals
Shopyify experts

“Buddy is incredible. We've been able to run
our build process completely in the cloud. This
isolates and removes any engineer-specific
build risks. We've then adopted testing and
linting for on-the-fly optimizations and better
validations before a push.”

Ariel Spiegel

Principal at SDG

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