Clone & Export/Import

Buddy lets you easily reproduce both individual actions and complete pipelines without the need to manually configure actions every time you do it.

Method #1: Cloning

Cloning is useful for adding new servers to the deployment setup. Just clone the existing pipeline and change the server details in the deployment action.

  1. Go to the project to which you want to clone the pipeline
  2. Switch to the Pipelines tab and click Clone existing pipeline in the right column: Cloning pipelineCloning pipeline
  3. Select the source project, pipeline and actions to clone and click Clone actions to create the pipeline.

You can change the branch from which you want to deploy in the pipeline settings.

It's not possible to clone pipelines between workspaces.

Method #2: Import/Export

Pipelines can be exported to a YAML file to create templates of actions that can be easily reproduced in any new project.

  1. Go to the project with the pipelines to export
  2. Switch to the Pipelines tab and click Export in the right column: Export/Import buttonsExport/Import buttons
  3. Select the pipelines to export and click Export. Buddy will create a YAML file with all pipeline settings, including branch assignment and trigger mode: Export pipeline settingsExport pipeline settings
  4. Head to the target project and use the Import option to reproduce the pipelines from the YAML file: Importing the pipelineImporting the pipeline

This method is useful in moving pipelines between workspaces.

Managing secrets in exported YAML files

All sensitive data, such as passwords, is salted and encrypted before the export. The salt is generated while creating a workspace and it is different for every workspace. This means that if you want to import pipelines from another workspace, you need to know the salt which was set in this workspace to decode the values during the import.

You can find the salt in the workspace settings which can only be accessed by admins: Workspace settingsWorkspace settings