Users with standalone version license get standard technical support from Buddy’s QA Team.

To help you solve the problems you need to run buddy feedback command so that our QA team can get the proper logs.

However, if the problem requires deeper investigation, granting us access to the machine on which Buddy is installed can significantly speed up debugging it. Please mind, that Buddy has no access to your machine until you grant it.

In order to maximise security Buddy CLI contains a special method which opens SSH tunnel and enables Buddy Support Team to connect to your machine.

To open the tunnel execute the following command in your terminal:

sudo buddy --tunnel

Please mind that this method can only be performed by a user with root privileges.

Once you execute the command, our team receives a notification about an open tunnel for a machine with a specified license.

The tunnel will be open unless you press ENTER in the terminal in which you opened it.

You can find out how we approach security in Buddy here.

If you have any questions on this matter just drop a word to support@buddy.works