Shopify integration

đź“š Learn more about Shopify action features, integrations and alternatives.

Integrating your project with Shopify allows you to create a pipeline that will update your Shopify themes on every push to branch. You can also deploy manually on click, or recurrently on time intervals.

Example shopify actionExample shopify action

Buddy is a pipeline delivery automation tool that integrates with Shopify and other IaaS/PaaS. Learn how to seamlessly introduce Buddy to your development workflow.

Setting up Shopify integration

  1. Look up and choose Shopify from the Deploy to Iaas section: Adding the shopify ActionAdding the shopify Action
  2. Configure Shopify integration:
    • enter the integration name and the name of the shop to which you want to deploy Integrating Buddy with ShopifyIntegrating Buddy with Shopify
    • log in to your Shopify account in case your browser session has expired Logging in ShopifyLogging in Shopify
  3. Another authorization method is adding the Access Token. To add it:
    • log in to your shop and go to
    • click Create new private app: Authorization with Access TokenAuthorization with Access Token
    • enter the name of your app, an email address and choose the following from API permissions: Authorization with Access TokenAuthorization with Access Token
    • once the app is added, there should be access data generated on its site – the content of the Password field should be entered as the Shopify access token in Buddy.
  4. Configure action details: Account (shop) and Theme to deploy: Shopify action configurationShopify action configuration

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