How to prepare and restore WordPress backups

Learn how to export your WP instance to Amazon S3, automate the process with Buddy, and restore your website from the backup file if needed.

Quick Start with Version Control and Continuous Delivery

A 5-minute guide on how to place the code under version control and automate its deployment.

Pipelines: Your Doorway to Continuous Development

Learn why and how to introduce Continuous Deployment to your workflow using Buddy's pipelines.

Filesystem—the foundation of Buddy’s pipelines

Learn what is the Filesystem and how to use it to build your applications

How to protect code with Buddy and GitHub status checks

Read how to test your code with Buddy and secure yourself from merging errors in your GitHub projects.

Automate PHP Dependencies Management with Composer Turbocharged with Buddy

Learn how to improve PHP libraries management with Composer.

Git, Continuous Deployments and Your WordPress Themes

Learn how to develop and automatically deploy WordPress themes with Buddy.

Laravel in Docker

Learn how to Dockerize a Laravel application, share it through a registry, and automate the process with Buddy's Continuous Delivery.

First steps with Laravel and Continuous Delivery

Learn how to write a Laravel app, configure unit, feature and browser tests and automate the whole process with Buddy CI.

How to write Selenium tests in Node.js with WebDriverIO

Learn how to run and automate integration tests against Chrome website browser with Buddy.

How to automate tests and deployments of Node.js apps with Buddy

Learn how to apply Continuous Integration to your workflow so that your app is always ready for delivery.

How to Dockerize a Node.js application

Learn how to create a Docker image of your Node.js app and run it on any computer supporting Docker.

How to build and deploy front-end applications with Buddy

Learn how to Gulp/Grunt/Webpack your code and handle dependencies during the deployment.

How to run Selenium Tests with Laravel Dusk

Learn how to write, configure and run E2E tests using Laravel Dusk and Buddy automation tools.

How to run Mocha/Chai unit tests on Node.js apps

Learn how to write and automate unit tests of Node.js applications with Mocha framework and Chai library.

How to set up CI/CD with Buddy and Azure

Learn how to set up Buddy to test and deploy your projects to Azure.

How to automate publishing npm packages to the registry

Learn how to properly configure npm modules and use Buddy to automatically test and publish your packages.

How to use Buddy to automate Gulp tasks and generate webfont from SVG files

Learn how to generate webfont with Gulp.js and automatically deploy it to your server.

Introduction to Docker

Learn how to introduce Docker to your development process.

Website and Server Monitoring with Buddy's Recurrently Executed Pipelines

Learn how to automate website and server monitoring with Buddy.

How to set up Continuous Delivery to Heroku

Learn how to configure Buddy to automate your Heroku deliveries.

How to Build and Deploy .NET Projects

Learn how to build projects in Microsoft languages with Buddy.

First steps with Git Version Control

New to Git? Learn how to get started with this essential guide.

Merge Requests with Buddy

Learn how to streamline code reviews with branches and merge requests.

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