Vultr integration

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Vultr provides developers with one-click apps allowing you to launch WordPress blogs, development environments and game servers. Integration with Buddy will allow you to automatically deploy your files on every pipeline execution.

Pipeline examplePipeline example

Buddy is a pipeline delivery automation tool that integrates with Vultr. Learn how to seamlessly introduce Buddy to your development workflow.

Setting up Vultr integration

  1. Go to the target pipeline and select Vultr from the Deploy to IaaS section: Vultr action locationVultr action location
  2. Enter the name of the integration (eg. Vultr) and click Get token from API settings: Adding Vultr integrationAdding Vultr integration
  3. Copy and paste the Personal Access Token: Getting Vultr personal action tokenGetting Vultr personal action token
  4. Once added, select your Vultr Account and Server, and set up the authentication details:

Vultr action configurationVultr action configuration

If you are using build actions in your pipeline, make sure to select the Filesystem as the source to deploy artifacts and processed files.

Last modified on April 26, 2022

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