Integrating with Pushbullet allows you to receive banner notifications in your browser and on mobile devices through a dedicated pipeline action. This feature is especially useful when combined with monitoring actions.

Register Pushbullet OAuth app

  1. Sign in to your Buddy On-Premises instance as admin.
  2. Go to Integrations, click Add a new integration, and select Pushbullet from the list.
  3. Click Configure Pushbullet app and copy the Authorization Callback URL.

  1. In Pushbullet, go to Settings → Clients and fill in the details of the new OAuth app:
    • name → anything, eg. Buddy On-Premises
    • website_url → anything, eg. https://buddy.works
    • image_url → anything, eg. http://assets.buddy.works/buddy@120.png
    • redirect_uri → paste the redirect URI that copied from Buddy On-Premises
    • allowed_origin → anything
  2. Click Add A New OAuth Client.
  3. Copy the client_id and client_secret and paste them into the corresponding fields in Buddy.

  1. Click Save changes and restart Buddy to apply the changes.