Our mission is to bring back
the joy to coding

Buddy is a team of 24 incredibly skilled individuals with over a decade of experience in web development and automation.

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The Buddy Team

Simon Szczepankowski

CEO & Co-Founder

Rafał Sztwiorok

CTO & Co-Founder

Alexander Kus


Paul Olek

Art Director

Paweł Kuna

Senior Front-End Developer

Octavia Nowakowska

Head of Support

Michał Hankus

Senior Developer

Paweł Kapała

Full-Stack Developer

Bartek Piela

Junior Front-End Developer

Martin Kudla

Back-End Developer

Tom Prus

Back-End Developer

Darek Sztwiorok

Back-End Developer

Michał Bigos

QA Engineer

Chris Stryczek

QA Engineer

Luke Czulak

Analytics & Social Media

Patryk Trojanowski

Support/Customer Success

Company Culture

Great Product

Buddy is the CI/CD everyone of us always wanted to use except it didn't exist. So we made it ourselves.

100% Customer Driven

Every new feature results from the actual demand. We never do anything just for the sake of it.

Get Things Done

Instead of discussing possible outcomes we prefer to develop test and iterate until it's done.

Awesome Team

A handsome collective of smart eccentrics bound together by some serious coding skills and a bit of Slavic science.

Communication Transparence

Beating about the bush is not our pair of shoes so instead of waiting for the perfect storm we prefer hitting the nail on the head.

Legendary Support

Our priority is to get your issue solved fast. If it's not possible to do it fast we'll let you know. But we'll never leave you out in the cold.

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02-796 Warszawa

Marketing & Sales

Józefińska 2
30-529 Kraków

Support support@buddy.works
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