Honeybadger integration

đź“š Learn more about Honeybadger action features, integrations and alternatives.

By adding Honeybadger integration to your Buddy pipeline you will be able to identify and debug errors & exceptions when they occur in the production so you can quickly decide whether to apply a hotfix or roll back changes.

Honeybadger pipeline exampleHoneybadger pipeline example

You can also use Honeybadger for:

  • Uptime monitoring – checking your sites & services externally from different locations in the world and notifying you if they’re down
  • Check-in monitoring – your services & cron jobs check in to Honeybadger and it notifies you if they go missing
Buddy is a pipeline delivery automation tool that integrates with Honeybadger and other monitoring services. Learn how to seamlessly introduce Buddy to your development workflow.

Setting up Honeybadger integration:

To integrate Buddy with Honeybadger follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Honeybadger and go to User Settings
  2. Head to Authentication and copy your Honeybadger API Token: Honeybadger AuthenticationHoneybadger Authentication
  3. Go to the pipeline that you want to track in Buddy and select Honeybadger action from the Performance & App monitoring section: Adding a Honeybadger Adding a Honeybadger
  4. Click Add another Honeybadger account: Adding more accountsAdding more accounts
  5. A pop-up will appear. Enter the name of your Honeybadger account and paste the API key: Adding Honeybadger integrationAdding Honeybadger integration
  6. When authenticated, select the project and fill the environment field.