Delivery automation, simplified

Automate your delivery process in 10 minutes with CI/CD that developers love to use.

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Automate Builds, Tests & Deployments with 70+ Ready-to-Use Steps

Turn DevOps to NoOps

Create powerful deployment pipelines in minutes with a simple and telling UI.

One-Click Deployments

Easily deploy to AWS, Google, DigitalOcean and others with dozens of integrations.

Container Love

Run builds & commands safe and sound in the isolation of Docker containers.

Buddy Docker

Native Docker Support

Integrated into Buddy's DNA

Build Docker images

Build Docker images

Build a Docker image on every commit and push it to Docker Hub, Amazon or private registries.

Run Docker images

Run Docker images

Launch your own Docker images in pipelines and use them to build applications.

Kubernetes and GKE integration

Kubernetes and GKE integration

Deploy your application to K8s, EKS or GKE on every push and automate your pods and jobs.

Over 7,000 people use Buddy every day across
120+ countries

“That is what I call amazing service”

“Running up an environment to run tests is the quickest comparing to others. Also file transfer speed is definitely the winner.“
David McGregor QA Developer at Energoconsulting
“Buddy is, without a doubt, the most amazing asset to me and my team. Blazing fast, makes Continuous Development an absolute breeze.“
Mark Bloomfield Lead Developer at Wonderland Collective
“Buddy was the first CD/CI I was actually able to get working with. I can rely on the Buddy team - they deliver!“
Luke DeBoer Developer at SetHero


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Over 7,000 people use Buddy every day across
120+ countries