The Git and Continuous Delivery Platform

Development automation, simplified.

Automate development with powerful pipelines

  • Test, build and ship better apps & websites, faster
  • Set up your entire build-test-deploy workflow in minutes
  • Choose from over 30 actions ranging from launching containers to automatic deployments to website & apps monitoring
Over the years we've tried numerous CI tools and systems and they've all been quite complicated or too simple without enough functionality. You've got the right balance in simplicity for novice CI devs but more than enough flexibility for different solutions and configs. Peter Bui, Co-director at PB Web Development

Flexible deployments with amazing speed

  • Trigger deployments on every push, on passed tests, or enable one-click deployments. "Build, ship & deploy" couldn’t get any easier
  • Deploy anywhere: from FTP servers to multi-node delivery to most popular IaaS like Heroku, AWS, DigitalOcean, Modulus, Google Cloud Engine & others
  • Support for deployment of generated artifacts like compiled apps or minified CSS files
  • Automatic tracking of changes makes deployments faster and rolling back to previous versions easier
This tool is awesome, in 15 min I made my personal app deployed to OpenShift fast, and with each Git change I seamlessly deployed my changes. Hector Mendoza, Full Stack Engineer at Softtek

Dev-Test-Production equivalence with easiest setup possible

  • Run builds, console commands or Gulp & Grunt tasks in isolation of Docker containers
  • Attach microservices like MongoDB or MySQL
  • Run any Maven, Gradle, Gulp & Grunt tasks
  • Trigger pipelines on push to branch, recurrently, or on click
(One of) the best thing(s) since sliced bread. I was a paying member from the very beginning and recommend you whenever devops comes up in conversation. Gautam Chandna, CEO & Co-Founder of Skiwo AS

DevOps tools for developers and sysadmins to love

  • Run SSH commands on all or selected nodes before, after or during deployment
  • Automate backups, website & apps monitoring
  • Examine errors in detailed audit logs
  • Build & push your own Docker images
We migrated about 750 Git and SVN projects over to all Git on Buddy, and the transition couldn't have gone smoother: your support team has been very responsive and helpful. We are looking forward to integrating with Buddy's API from our in house CMS to automate ramp up time on new projects, like project init, adding initial files, and adding default release scenarios. This will save us tons of time. Kevin Reed, Web Developer at Speak Creative

Bring your own Git or use ours

  • Integrate with GitHub, BitBucket & others
  • Use our free integrated Git hosting with branch management, merge requests, push permissions & web code editor
I imported my Bitbucket repo, set up a release to a new SFTP site on my Amazon EC2 server and within 5 minutes I could tell my client to go test the new features. Jonathan Wheat, Lead Developer at JCMP Labs

Native Docker Support

  • Dockerize apps and push them to any Docker registry
  • Attach microservices to your Docker containers
  • Run your Docker images on our infrastructure

Bring in the whole team: devs, sysadmins, designers, even your clients

  • Multi-user support
  • Fine-grained permissions
  • Activity stream & notifications for all
I absolutely love the pipelines concept of Buddy. It's one of it's kind and extremely simple and efficient to set-up. I've never assumed setting up CI / CD cycles can be so fast. Dipesh Bhardwaj, Cloud Automation Solutions Architect at Sellnews



  • Starter

    1 project

    1 concurrent run

    Community support

    Shared queue

  • Basic
    $49 /mo

    25 projects

    1 concurrent run

    Priority Support

    Private queue

  • Pro
    $199 /mo

    100 projects

    4 concurrent runs

    Priority support

    Private queue

  • Enterprise
    $299 /mo

    unlimited projects

    6 concurrent runs

    Support 1 hour SLA

    Private queue

  • FREE Edition
    • Up to 10 users
    • Community support
    • Users see everything (everyone is an administrator)
    • Self-signed SSL Certificate
    • Use IP address for access

All plans include

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Git hosting
  • 30+ integrations

Supported languages

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