Personal Access Token

Using Personal Access Token is an alternative way of authentication. It is used when OAuth2 is impractical – mostly for scripts, integrations and small applications.

You can use Personal Access Token to authorize the API requests as well as to authorize Git through HTTP (when you use Buddy Git hosting).

Create personal access token

  1. Log in to Buddy.
  2. Click on your avatar in the top-right corner and head to the "API" tab.

Adding new access tokenAdding new access token

  1. Go to Personal Access Tokens and click the + icon.
  2. Provide the token description and select proper scopes.
  3. A window with the token will appear. Copy the token and put it in a safe place.

Getting Buddy access tokenGetting Buddy access token

Revoke personal access token

You can revoke the personal access token at any moment:

  1. Open the list with tokens, choose the one you want to revoke and open it.
  2. Go to the hamburger menu at the top, you'll find the Delete API token button there - click it to remove the token entirely.

Alternatively, you can click the Regenerate button which will create a new authentication hash for the same description and list of scopes.

Revoking Buddy access tokenRevoking Buddy access token

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Last modified on February 2, 2023


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