Predefined services

What you need to know

  • Database services can be attached to all types of build actions.
  • Each service runs as a separate container.
  • The containers are run in the same network, so they are accessible from within each other.
  • By default, Buddy pulls the latest version of the service, but you can change it to a specific release if required

The services can be activated in the Services tab of the build action. To use a database in your tests, you need to copy its hostname and login credentials (depending on the type).

MySQL action attached to buildMySQL action attached to build

Supported services

Service listService list

You can add up to 5 services to a single build action.

Available options

Depending on the service type, the following options are available:

  • Cache database between pipeline runs – use this option to speed up your builds (not every pipeline run has to seed the database)
  • Allow passing variables to this service – check this option if your service requires data from variables defined in the pipeline. For example, you can send MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD and MYSQL_ROOT_USER variables to the official MySQL image in order to configure the image during the start.
  • Create database on startup – creates a fresh instance of the database on every run. Check this option if your framework or tests require an already existing database.
  • Seed database with SQL dump – imports data from the selected SQL dump in the pipeline filesystem
If you want to upload a fresh instance of the database, run the pipeline with the 'Clear cache' flag.

Last modified on October 20, 2022


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