Link Checker with YAML

StringThe name of the action.
StringThe type of the action. Should be set to LINK_CHECKER.
StringThe address of the site to be checked by the validator.
ba_usernameStringThe basic auth username value.
ba_passwordStringThe basic auth password value.
html_form_auth_usernameStringThe HTML form username value.
html_form_auth_passwordStringThe HTML form password value.
html_form_auth_username_input_nameStringThe name attribute of the username input element.
html_form_auth_password_input_nameStringThe name attribute of the password input element.
html_form_auth_urlStringThe URL of a login page to be visited before link checking. The page is expected to contain an HTML form to collect credentials and submit them to the address in its action attribute using an HTTP POST request. 
depthIntegerCheck recursively all links up to the given depth. A negative depth will enable infinite recursion. The default depth is infinite.
cookiesCookie[]Set the cookie name/value. Can be given more than once.
connection_timeoutIntSet the timeout for connection attempts in seconds. The default timeout is 60 seconds.
respect_robot_exclusionsBooleanWhen using HTTP, fetch robots.txt, and confirm whether each URL should be accessed before checking. The default is to use robots.txt files.
check_ssl_certificateBooleanIf set to zero, it disables the SSL certificate checking. If set to one, it enables the SSL certificate checking with the provided CA certificate file. If a filename is specified, it will be used as the certificate file.
internal_linksStringThe regular expression to add more URLs recognized as internal links. The default is that URLs given on the command line are internal.
check_external_linksBooleanCheck external links. The default is to check internal links only. 
ignore_urlsString[]Only check the syntax of URLs matching the given regular expressions. 
no_follow_urlsString[]Check but do not recurse into URLs matching the given regular expressions.
warning_regexStringOnly check syntax of URLs matching the given regular expressions.
user_agentStringSpecify the User-Agent string to send to the HTTP server, for example Mozilla/4.0. The default is LinkChecker/X.Y where X.Y is the current version of LinkChecker.
threadsIntGenerate no more than the given number of threads. The default number of threads is 10. To disable threading specify a non-positive number.
requests_per_hostIntLimit the maximum number of HTTP requests per second to one host. The average number of requests per second is approximately one third of the maximum. Values less than 1 and at least 0.001 can be used. To use values greater than 10, the HTTP server must return a “LinkChecker” response header. The default is 10.
- action: "Link checker"
  type: "LINK_CHECKER"
  ba_username: "basicAuthUsername"
  ba_password: "secure!ucaApNnkABxsQuyAQJ4sXQ==.QPJaybamhxXg2j9ICwoSKw=="
  html_form_auth_username: "htmlFormAuthUsername"
  html_form_auth_password: "secure!hC6TxvHj6rb8gliFZ0Tu1w==.D0X13mMAvxaGigoon78FQw=="
  html_form_auth_username_input_name: "htmlFormAuthUsernameInput"
  html_form_auth_password_input_name: "htmlFormAuthPasswordInput"
  html_form_auth_url: ""
  user_agent: "Mozilla/5.0"
  depth: 1
  scan_url: ""
  - name: "header"
    value: "value"
  threads: 5
  connection_timeout: 11
  requests_per_host: 5
  respect_robot_exclusions: false
  check_ssl_certificate: true
  internal_links: "Scan_url/*"
  check_external_links: true
  - "*"
  - "*"
  warning_regex: "(This page has moved|Oracle Application error)"

Last modified on December 8, 2022


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