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Adding the Rollbar integration to your pipeline allows you to track deployments by sending automatic notifications to your Rollbar project.

Rollbar pipeline exampleRollbar pipeline example


To set up Rollbar, you need to configure two tokens:

  • Account Access Token – used to access your Rollbar account and list your projects. Must have read access scope set.
  • Project Access Token – used to write deployment data from Buddy in the selected Rollbar project. Must have post_server_item access scope set.

Adding Rollbar integration

  1. Log in to Rollbar and go to Settings → Account Access Tokens.
  2. Create a new access token with the read access scope and copy its value:

    Rollbar access tokens tabRollbar access tokens tab

  3. Go to the pipeline that you want to track in Buddy and add the Rollbar action.
  4. Enter the name of your integration (preferably your Rollbar account name), set the sharing scope, and paste the copied token:

    Adding Rollbar integrationAdding Rollbar integration

  5. With the application added, you can now configure what variables you want to send, and define the target project andvaccess token on Rollbar:

    Rollbar action configurationRollbar action configuration

Configuring Project Access Token

If you don't see the token menu in the action details, it means you must create it in Rollbar first.

  1. Log in to Rollbar and go to Projects.
  2. Click the desired project and switch to the Project Access Tokens tab.
  3. Create a new token and set the scope to post_server_item:

    Creating Project Access TokenCreating Project Access Token

  4. Refresh Buddy and select the token in the action details.

Last modified on July 18, 2022


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