Buddy integrates with all popular messaging services to ensure your team is always up-to-date with who deployed what and where: Notification actions in BuddyNotification actions in Buddy

Notification details

Each notification contains a default message with pipeline name, execution ID and invoker generated with environment variables:


Notifications are usually added at the end of the delivery pipeline as a summary of the executed actions: Pipeline examplePipeline example

Conditional notifications

To prevent filling your inbox or channel with unwanted spam, you can configure Buddy to inform you only in certain cases. The most common use case is sending a message when your tests or deployment have failed. To do that, add the notification to Actions run on failure at the bottom: On failure notification pipeline exampleOn failure notification pipeline example

If you use Buddy to monitor your website and your pipeline is in recurrent mode, you can configure it to send the notification only once when it fails. This way you won't get overloaded with messages that your website is down every minute. You can activate this option in the action details:

Notification action settingsNotification action settings

To let your team know that the pipeline status has gone back from 'Failed' to 'Successful', you can add another notification to Actions run on back to normal: Back to normal notification exampleBack to normal notification example

Advanced conditioning

You can add an extra set of trigger conditions in the 'Condition' tab. The options let you send notifications only on changes to a specific path (e.g. when somebody modifies the /assets folder), or depending on the value of an ENV VAR (e.g. $BUDDY_INVOKER_NAME – when you have that one developer you need to keep an eye on): Advanced trigger conditionsAdvanced trigger conditions

Last modified on April 26, 2022


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