Transfer to sandbox with YAML

YAML parameters for Transfer to sandbox

StringThe ID of the action.
StringThe type of the action. Must be set to DEPLOY_TO_SANDBOX.
input_typeStringDefines whether the files are uploaded from the repository or from the pipeline filesystem. Can be one of SCM_REPOSITORY or BUILD_ARTIFACTS.
local_pathStringThe source path of the files to be uploaded.
remote_pathStringThe absolute or relative path on the sandbox where the files are uploaded.
deployment_excludesString[]The paths and/or files that excluded from the upload.
deployment_includesString[]The exceptions from the ignore patterns set in deployment_excludes.
use_temporary_filesBooleanThe files will be uploaded with a "tmp" suffix that will be removed once the upload has finished.
deletion_disabledBooleanWhen set to false, deletes files on the server that were deleted between revisions.
userStringThe name of the local (to the sandbox server) user who uploads the files.
sandbox_references RequiredStringDefines the sandbox selection method. Available values: BY_TAGS, BY_NAME, BY_PROJECT, BY_DAYS, BY_ID, BY_ACTION.
sandbox_idStringID of the sandbox to which the files are uploaded. Required when sandbox_references is set to BY_ID.
referenced_action_idIntID of the action that creates the target sandbox.Required when sandbox_references is set to BY_ACTION.
referenced_sanbox_nameStringName of the target sandbox. Required when sandbox_references is set to BY_NAME.
tagsString[]List of tags applied to the target sandbox. Required when sandbox_references is set to BY_TAGS.
sandbox_project_idIntID of the project with the target sandbox. Required when sandbox_references is set to BY_PROJECT.
daysIntNumber of days passed since the creation of the target sandbox. One of 1, 2, 3, 7, 14, 30. Required when sandbox_references is set to BY_DAYS.

YAML example for Transfer to sandbox

- action: "Upload files to sandbox"
  input_type: "SCM_REPOSITORY"
  local_path: "/assets/"
  remote_path: "www/"
  user: "root"
  - "BY_ID"
  sandbox_id: "Cgn3QO34klUri"
  deletion_disabled: true
  use_temporary_files: true
  - "/tmp/"
  - "/tmp/file.txt"

Last modified on April 26, 2022

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