Integrating with Bitbucket allows you to use it as a git hosting provider and sign in to the workspace with your Bitbucket profile.

Create an OAuth consumer in Bitbucket

  1. Sign in to your Buddy On-Premises instance as admin.
  2. Add a new project and select Bitbucket as the provider.
  3. Click Configure Bitbucket app and copy the Authorization Callback URL.

  1. Sign in to your Bitbucket profile. Click your avatar icon in the bottom left and choose the workspace you want to integrate with Buddy.
  2. Open the Settings tab and select OAuth consumers
  3. Click Add a consumer
  4. Configure the Bitbucket OAuth consumer:

    • Name → anything, eg. Buddy On-Premises
    • Callback URL → paste the callback URL copied from Buddy On-Premises
    • This is a private consumer → check this option

    Check the required permissions:

    • Account → Read
    • Repositories → Read
    • Webhooks → Read and write

  1. Click Save to create the consumer.
  2. Copy the Key and Secret of the newly created consumer.

  1. Paste the Bitbucket OAuth consumer Key into the Buddy Client ID field.
  2. Paste the Bitbucket Client into the Buddy Client Secret field.
  3. Click Save changes and restart Buddy to apply the changes.

Webhook redirection on non-public-instances

If your instance is not publicly available, follow these instructions to ensure that webhooks from Bitbucket are successfully reaching Buddy:

  1. Go to the settings of your Bitbucket App: https://$INTERNAL_BUDDY_IP_ADDRESS/settings/apps/BITBUCKET.
  2. Set the Public URL of this Buddy instance to the public address of your network with a custom port.
  3. On your router, redirect the public address and port to $INTERNAL_BUDDY_IP_ADDRESS:80.
If your commits are now showing up in Buddy, go to the Code tab, and click Manual fetchFetch missing commits. This will update the webhook URL in the Bitbucket repository. Fetching missing commitsFetching missing commits

Last modified on October 24, 2023


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