Manage integrations

Integrations in Buddy let you easily connect your account with third-party services. Once you add the secret key and the access key to your service, you'll be able to add the associated actions to your pipeline without having to provide this data each time.

You can also grant access e.g. to your Slack account to avoid authorizing it every time you add a notification action. It is also possible to give access to multiple accounts, which is especially useful for multi-profile services, such as AWS or Slack.

Integrations in Buddy ID

To see the complete list of services that can be integrated with your projects, go your profile settings in the top-right corner:

Entering your profile settings

Now, switch to the Integrations tab:

List of integrations

The section containes the list of all active and available integrations that you can manage. For example, to add an extra integration to the Vultr service, simply click Add in the top-right corner of the corresponding box:

Adding a new integration

Next, enter the name of the new integration and provide the Personal Access Token from the new Vultr account.

Integration configuration

You can update the details of an existing integration by clicking on the pencil icon.