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Empower your team with DevOps proficiency with the most developer-friendly CI/CD platform ever designed.


  • Easy setup

    Build frontend, backend, and mobile in a clear and telling UI.

  • Performance

    Cache dependencies and Docker layers at no extra charge. Easily scale as your projects grow.

  • Flexibility

    Switch between visual and code configuration. Define custom actions, or let our team deliver the features your company needs.

“We like modularity the best: we have a wide range of pipelines, from Cypress tests, to Gatsby builds, to serverless deployments, all set up with ease by anyone. The whole team can create pipelines with little CI/CD knowledge.”

Alex Borgese | Senior Frontend Developer @ Costa

Alex Borgese

Senior Frontend Developer @ Costa

Screenshot of pipelines action builder: setup action, check for errors, build


  • Automation

    Test code on every push to Git. Add integration, system, and acceptance testing. Attach and seed databases.

  • Fast implementation

    Split test packages and run tests in parallel for faster results. Introduce Cypress and Selenium in a couple of clicks.

  • Sandboxes

    Preview websites with no additional infrastructure in dynamic staging environments.

“We have Cypress pipelines linked to our build pipelines, this enables us to keep the testing config separate to our build config, but still have them run in a chain of commands.”

Alex Borgese | Senior Frontend Developer @ Costa

Alex Borgese

Senior Frontend Developer @ Costa

Screenshot of pipelines action builder: setup action, check for errors, build, run integration tests


  • Cost-effective

    Massively reduce deployment time by uploading only new and modified files instead of the whole repository.

  • Secure integrations

    Automate deployments to AWS, GCP, Azure, and all popular IaaS/PaaS. Secure pipelines with permissions, role assumption, and time-limited tokens.

  • Serverless & Kubernetes

    Automatically provision cloud resources and orchestrate containers on K8s clusters. Supports Terraform, Lambda, and CloudFormation.

Screenshot of pipelines action builder: setup action, check for errors, build, run integration tests, deploy, notify and monitor


  • Post-deployment monitoring

    Run visual tests for side-by-side comparisons. Increase search rank with SEO audits. Auto-scan SSL certificates for validity.

  • Notifications

    Automatically send messages to your preferred service. Set up sending conditions to reduce clutter.

  • DORA metrics

    Review performance with pipeline analytics. Evaluate and optimize where required.

Screenshot of pipeline: Monitoring

Trusted by 10,000+ developers

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Designed to help adopt DevOps

Buddy's unique UI facilitates information flow and lets team leaders easily onboard users with no risk of losing control over the project.

  • Advanced RBAC

    Automatically assign roles on project creation so that your team can start right away.

    Screenshot of advanced RBAC
  • Easy onboarding

    UI-driven design helps new users understand the process and quickly create their own pipelines.

    Screenshot of onboarding
  • Enterprise team roles

    Assign group and project managers to supervise teams and projects.

    Screenshot of enterprise team roles
  • Granular permissions

    Fine-tune access to pipelines, branches, source code, and individual actions.

    Screenshot of granular permissions
  • Messaging services

    Keep track of builds & deployments with automatic notifications from your favorite messaging service.

    Screenshot of messaging services
  • Workspace notifications

    Ensure everyone is informed of important events with workspace messages.

    Screenshot of workspace notifications

Responsive Support

Whether freelance or full-scale enterprise, our support team will help you overcome any peril.

  • General SLA support

    A team of CI/CD experts is here to solve your issues and never leave you hanging for the answer.

  • Dedicated with Single Point of Contact

    A dedicated Account Manager will help you set up pipelines and assist with adopting DevOps in your company.

  • Dedicated with custom SLA and on-demand feature development

    Proactive support with a dedicated team that will help you plan the roadmap and develop the features you need.

Switchable configuration modes

Set up delivery process in 10 minutes with visualized pipelines. Export configuration to YAML to track changes and share with your team.

Image two
Image one

“Having both UI and Yaml definition of pipelines is very convenient. It’s the best of 2 worlds: IaaC (for DevOps, stability, and changelog) and UX (humans are the main users of Buddy after all!)”

Laurent Fallet | DevOps Lead @ Brut

Laurent Fallet

DevOps Lead @ Brut

Certified security

From hosting facilities to traffic encryption, your data always stays safe & sound.

  • SOC2

    Security confirmed by SOC2 Type II certification.

  • PCI

    Full compliance with PCI Data Security Standards.

  • GDPR

    Full compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Server Location Regions

    Choose between US and European servers, or host code on your own infrastructure.


    Sign in to your workspace with any SAML-compliant identity provider.

  • Automated backups

    Real-time backups to AWS infrastructure in diversified regions.

  • IP Filtering

    Restrict workspace access to a pool of selected IP addresses.

  • Advanced RBAC

    Authorize with tokens or role assumption. Granulate permissions to projects and pipelines. Define scope of integrations.

  • DDoS mitigation

    Hardened OS with dedicated firewall and VPN services help mitigate unauthorized access.