Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is a deployment automation practice in which every single change to code is made on the main branch in the repository (usually 'master') and immediately built, tested and deployed. Whereas both the tests and the deployments are fully automated, the release to the production server requires an additional manual confirmation.

Introducing Continuous Delivery to your project requires the application to be thoroughly covered with tests and a properly trained team with established work culture.

Continuous Delivery pipeline

The basics of Continuous Delivery are essentially the same as of Continuous Deployment and thanks to Buddy, creating a delivery automation pipeline is easier than ever. The best idea is that you start with building a deployment pipeline described here.

To turn a Continuous Deployment pipeline into a Continuous Delivery pipeline, it should stop immediately after the automatic build and tests and wait for a manual release confirmation:

Continuous delivery processContinuous delivery process

To achieve that in Buddy, you should use the Approve Run action:

Approve Run action locationApprove Run action location

The action lets you define who can confirm the latest version. You can restrict the permission to a specific team member or a group:

Action configurationAction configuration

Make sure to add a notification action that will inform authorized team members about a new version waiting to be released. It should be placed just before the approval action in the pipeline.

Buddy offers a wide variety of notifications. You can use a dedicated Slack, Discord or Telegram integration, or send messages via email or SMS:

Buddy notification actionsBuddy notification actions

A properly configured Continuous Delivery pipeline should look like this:

Buddy pipeline exampleBuddy pipeline example

A pipeline prepared this way will be run automatically after each push to the main branch. It will also test the application and prepare it for the release. After that, it needs to be confirmed manually.

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Last modified on September 13, 2023


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