Integrating Buddy Enterprise with Slack will allow you to add notification actions to your pipelines and keep your team updated with automatic messages on finished builds and deployments to your Slack channel.

Register new Slack OAuth app

  1. Log into your Buddy Enterprise workspace as admin.
  2. Go to the workspace Preferences and switch to the Applications tab.
  3. Click Configure under the Slack logo and copy the Redirect URL line.
  4. Go to and click Create App.
  5. Fill in the required fields:
    • App Name → anything, eg. Buddy Enterprise
    • Development Slack Team
  6. Click Create App to save changes.
  7. Start with entering Callback URL. Head to Manage Distribution and click Distribute App.
  8. Click Add OAuth Redirect URLsAdd a new Redirect URL and paste the Callback URL from Buddy.
  9. Click AddSave URLs.
  10. Go back to Basic Information.
  11. Copy your Client ID and Client Secret, paste them to Buddy, and save the changes.
  12. Head back to Slack, complete the description, choose Background color and click Save Changes
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