Introducing: Heroku CLI

Heroku is a PaaS that enables developers to operate applications directly in the cloud. The Apps are run in fully managed runtime environments, with the infrastructure — configuration, orchestration, load balancing, security, etc. — handled entirely by the platform.

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New action: Webpack

Tidy up your code with the Webpack module bundler!

Webpack is a JavaScript bundler which helps manage modules with dependencies and transform them into static assets. Easy-to-use and incredibly configurable, it creates a graph of the app's dependencies so that you know what can be bundled and in what order.

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Introducing: Atomic deployments

We're thrilled to announce that atomic deployments are now available in Buddy!

What are atomic deployments

The aim of atomic deployments is to eliminate the maintenance window so that your app is always available to the user. Derived from the database lingo, the concept of atomicity means a deployment that has either been executed completely or not executed at all, leaving no trace to the working code on the server. This means that your live website will only be updated once the deploy has finished successfully.

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