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CI/CD process for WordPress

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Automation in 10 minutes

Drag and drop actions to create a delivery pipeline for
your website. No DevOps experience required.

Learn how to introduce CI/CD to your WordPress delivery

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Automatically install dependencies on server on every commit.

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Zero-downtime deployments

Ensure 100% uptime of your websites with preconfigured atomic deployment templates.

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Easily introduce unit and browser tests to improve the quality of your websites.

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Docker support

Standarize your development environment and fast-track release times with Docker.

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Real-time monitoring

Monitor websites for performance, SEO, and accessibility. Receive warnings when things go wrong.

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Run WordPress scripts to perform backups, update WP core, and migrate DB's.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I build my website before the deployment?

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I only run deployments to FTP. Why should I pay for features I wont't use?

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