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Learn how to introduce CI/CD to your WordPress delivery

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Automatically install dependencies on server on every commit.

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Zero-downtime deployments

Ensure 100% uptime of your websites with preconfigured atomic deployment templates.

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Easily introduce unit and browser tests to improve the quality of your websites.

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Docker support

Standarize your development environment and fast-track release times with Docker.

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Real-time monitoring

Monitor websites for performance, SEO, and accessibility. Receive warnings when things go wrong.

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Run WordPress scripts to perform backups, update WP core, and migrate DB's.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What WordPress tasks can I automate with Buddy?

    With Buddy you can automate deployments to all types of bare-metal and cloud servers, which is a game changer in terms of productivity. No matter if you develop themes, plug-ins, or the API – once you put your upload on auto-pilot, you'll never want to go back. Next, come WP-CLI commands that let you perform backups, update WP core, and migrate databases after the upload. Add visual tests so you can examine the final outcome of your changes. Notifications let you inform your clients of new releases. Website monitoring keeps you on your toes in case of a downtime. Everything configurable in a friendly GUI with no scripting and compatibility issues.
  • How does Buddy's deployment differ from other CI/CD tools?

    It's fast. Oh dear, it is. Our deployments are based on changesets, which means that only modified files are deployed, and the deployment mechanism itself is optimized to the limits. In other words, you don't need to upload the entire repository every time, and the upload is blazing fast. We had a guy who cut down his deployment from 4 hours to 7 minutes thanks to this. We release a new version of Buddy every week to thousands of developers worldwide, and it never takes more than 5 minutes. Deal with this.
  • Can I build my website before the deployment?

    Yes. Buddy lets you minify SCSS/SASS, bundle JS files with WebPack, and compress images before the release. The build is run in an isolated container, and the output is transfered to the pipeline's cache. You can either download the dependencies directly to the build container and upload everything at once, or run composer install on the server after the deployment. More advanced users may want to build a Docker image of their WP instance, or even run it on a Kubernetes cluster.
  • What kind of tests can I run before the release?

    Buddy supports all types of tests – from PHPUnit tests, to integration, browser, and visual testing. You can attach MySQL and install any packages required by your tests directly in the container, too.
  • Does Buddy come with a free plan?

    Buddy offers a free tier with 5 projects and 120 pipeline executions per month. You can upgrade to a higher plan with unlimited executions at any time. All new accounts start with 14 days of trial, allowing you for intense and unrestricted testing.
  • I only run deployments to FTP. Why should I pay for features I wont't use?

    First of all, if you don't update your websites too often, you can always choose the free plan with limited deployments. Secondly, you don't need to be an expert developer to take advantage of these features as they're naturally ingrained in the GUI. With little to no effort, you can:

    1. Roll back changes with one click in case things go wrong.
    2. Notify your clients of new releases with email or Slack
    3. Receive warnings on mobile when the website goes down.
    4. Compress images before the deployment
    5. Compare visuals between versions.

    You won't find a better entry point to DevOps than Buddy.

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