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Building, testing and deploying the application are the core functionalities of Buddy. However, getting the project deployed doesn't mean that our work is over – the application still requires maintenance and supervision. With Buddy you can easily monitor your websites and services for downtimes and get notified whenever taking action is required.

Pipeline configuration

Begin with adding a pipeline to the project with the website that you want to monitor. Make sure the pipeline is not assigned to any refs (set the branch to NONE) and it's set to recurrent mode with an interval of 1 minute: Adding a new pipelineAdding a new pipeline

There are three monitoring actions available:

  1. Web – opens the given URL and checks if the text is on the site
  2. Ping – pings the given address
  3. TCP – checks your server by connecting to it via TCP Uptime monitoring actionsUptime monitoring actions

In this example, we will show you how to monitor a WWW website with the Web action. The action lets you check for a string that should or shouldn't be on the provided URL (e.g. ERROR): Web action configurationWeb action configuration

You can also define HTTP authorization, timeout, headings, and the date that will be sent to your website.


With the monitoring properly configured, add a notification action to the On Failure section of the pipeline. This way you will only receive messages if something goes wrong, saving you from unwanted spam. Here is a pipeline with a full monitoring suite of monitoring actions and two actions that will send a message to a mobile and company's Discord channel: Pipeline examplePipeline example

Last modified on December 22, 2022

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