Looking for an alternative to GitLab and CircleCI?

Buddy combines the best features of GitLab and CircleCI and packs them in UI that helps your team focus on the real work.

  • 10-minute configuration

  • Supreme performance

  • Free Docker support

  • Free dependency cache

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CircleCI vs GitLab CI vs Buddy

FTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

SFTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

Manual deployment approval

Paid extra

Sandboxes (dynamic test environments)


Database testing and services


Artifacts support

Multi-repo pipeline support


Dependency caching


Limited / Plugin

Docker layer caching

Paid extra

Dedicated support for Android builds and deploy


Dedicated support for iOS builds and deploy


Docker environment

Paid extra

Linux VM environment

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Switching to Buddy is easy

Switching to Buddy is easy

  • No training required

  • Runs with your tools

  • Works off the bat

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Integrates with your stack

  • Git

  • Cloud

  • IaaS & PaaS

  • Build Tools & Task Runners

  • Tests

  • Databases

  • Colaboration

  • Monitoring & Performance

The complete Continuous Delivery platform

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    All you need, but simpler

    • Full DevOps package

      Build, test and deploy apps and websites with over 100 preconfigured actions, including Docker builds & Kubernetes orchestration.

    • Ease of use

      Buddy's unique UI allows anybody on the team to configure a delivery pipeline in 10 minutes.

    • Integrations

      Buddy integrates with all popular cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku, and DigitalOcean.

  • Screenshot of manual approval in Buddy

    Premium features in price

    • Dependency caching

      Dependencies and Docker layers stay cached in the container, massively reducing execution time.

    • Manual approvals

      Deployments can be stopped for manual approval before the release.

    • Exclusive features

      Add extra features to your workflow: visual tests, Android & iOS builds, downtime monitoring, and more.

  • Screenshot of YAML configuration in Buddy

    All bases covered

    • Certified security

      Buddy is SOC2 certified and runs on secure-by-design AWS architecture.

    • Support that cares

      From pipeline configuration to container debugging, our responsive support is here to help you solve issues and get back on track.

    • Full YAML support

      Pipeline configuration can be exported to YAML files and stored in the repository to track progress of your projects.

“It is incredibly simple to configure, but can do nearly everything you need it to. You can choose between an intuitive interface or use YAML to configure your pipelines. It supports integration with plenty of services out of the box.”

Kevin L

Software Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast is Buddy when compared to GitLab and CircleCI?

    It's fast, and we have numbers to prove that: the way the caching mechanism works means you can shave off up to a couple of minutes on a single build; the deployment mechanism, on the other hand, only uploads new and changed files, which means there's no need to upload the whole repository on every execution. Remove the time spent on scripting by moving pipeline configuration to the UI and you get the fastest and most user-friendly CI/CD ever made.
  • What Git providers can I use?

    Buddy natively supports GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket repositories with configuration performed via OAuth and GitHub Apps. You can also attach any private repository by adding a custom webhook that will trigger the pipeline a on push to the selected branch.
  • Does Buddy support microservices?

    Yes. The tool lets you attach all types of popular services and databases, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, and Selenium. All services are available from the start in every build action. You can also orchestrate containers with docker-compose in the dedicated Docker CLI action.
  • What is the tech behind builds?

    Buddy uses isolated containers with official Docker images as the template for builds. The output of builds is put into a common filesystem together with repository files and shared across all actions in the pipeline.
  • What about security?

    Buddy is both PCI and SOC2 compliant, and is continuously undergoing security audits by SecurityMetrics to ensure everything is up to date with the latest security stipulations. You can read more about security measures in Buddy here.

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