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Docplanner team members

The Docplanner story - up to 600 daily deployments to serve 60 million patients

Founded in Poland in 2012, Docplanner is an international team with offices all over the world working on a robust platform that enables over 5 million medical bookings every month. Their vision and ambitions are brought to life with the help of Buddy, which has been their house CI/CD tool for years.

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ACTO team members

ACTO follows up success and quadruples their team backed by the simplicity and power of Buddy

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Rewind team members

How Buddy’s unrivaled flexibility helps Rewind backup SaaS platforms from all industries

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Buddy on Twitter

  • Volkan Özçelik

    Volkan Özçelik


    Moved the entire CI/CD pipeline of Byte-Sized’s JS screencasts to Buddy - Aside from its lickable UI, Buddy’s ease-of-use in „unmatchable”.

  • Ibra Sho

    Ibra Sho


    Buddy is a stellar example of how a great design and UX can benefit development tools. A super easy and intuitive experience for a CI/CD tool! Kudus for making such a great product.

  • Artur Szott

    Artur Szott


    I just tried @BuddyGit and it's so pleasant to work with after all the history with Jenkins before. Strongly recommended!

  • Remy Sharp

    Remy Sharp


    I was sponsored to try out Buddy, a CI system that actually turned out to be way, way more: ops pipelines (reminded me of Yahoo pipes) - very useful.

  • Gareth Drew

    Gareth Drew


    Migrated our CI/CD pipeline to @BuddyGit today. It really is great to work with, should remove a few deployment headaches.

  • Michael Leigeber

    Michael Leigeber


    Wrapped up the migration from Beanstalk + DeployBot to @github and @BuddyGit this morning. If you haven't checked out Buddy take a look... great product and experience so far.

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