Activity streams

Activity streams aggregate information about actions performed in the workspace (commits, executions, branches, tags and admin stuff) in real-time. This allows for quick reaction when necessary and is an easy way to get to know what’s been going on lately in your projects.

  • Go to DashboardActivity at top navi-bar to see activity in projects that you’re a member of
  • Switching to Activity in a project view will narrow the data to that project only
  • You can adjust what’s being displayed and mark events as read in Filters & Options
  • You can also browse activity streams of users and groups on their relative profiles

Activity tabActivity tab

User mapping

Whenever a push is made to the synchronized repository, Buddy checks if any of the pipelines attached should be triggered. If the branch and trigger mode matches the pattern – for example, a push is made to the staging branch in a pipeline assigned to staging and set to automatic mode – the pipeline is executed.

The information about the changes in the repository and the pipeline execution is added on the Activity stream. The invoker is assigned on the basis of the payload from the webhook that triggered the pipeline. However, sometimes the invoker do not have the provider's ID displayed. In this case, the event is described with the icon of the provider and an ID on the tooltip.

To properly display invokers and events on the Activity stream, each user should either log in to the workspace with their Git provider, or use the button on the Account tab of My-ID settings:

User mapping in My-ID settingsUser mapping in My-ID settings

Last modified on April 26, 2022

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