Regular updates are vital to keep your machine safe from security issues and be up to date with new features, bug fixes and improvements. In order to upgrade your installation to the newest version, do the following:

  1. Log in to the machine where Buddy Enterprise is installed.
  2. If the app is running, halt it using
    buddy stop
  1. To begin the upgrade, type
   buddy update
  1. Buddy will check if a new version is available and ask if you want to make a backup (recommended).


  • The process may take several minutes, do not close the CLI until it’s finished.
  • To check the version of your app and CLI, run buddy version
  • Backups are made to the application directory (default location:~/.buddy/app/backups).

Running out of space during the update

On rare occasions your machine may fail to update. The most common reason is running out of disk space during the update. In this case, you should:

  1. Free space on the disk where Buddy Enterprise is installed. Make sure to free at least double the amount your application occupies in ~/.buddy/app/data.
  2. Remove all backups in the ~/.buddy/app/backups directory except the latest file.
  3. Restore the application to the latest backup with
   buddy restore
  1. Run the update again using
    buddy update

If you’re low on space in the default install location, you can move the whole application to another location using Buddy CLI.

Canceling stalled backup process

If for some reason your backup gets stalled during the process, either because of a broken internet connection or accidental ctrl + c, you can force Buddy to ignore previous errors by running the --force flag:

buddy backup --force