Faster & easier alternative to CircleCI

Buddy CI/CD is the perfect solution for teams looking for an easier CircleCI alternative.

  • Script-free configuration

  • Team permissions

  • Faster builds, tests and releases

  • Free Docker support

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Buddy CI/CD vs CircleCI feature comparison

FTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

SFTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Manual deployment approval

Sandboxes (dynamic test environments)


Database testing and services


Artifacts support

Multi-repo pipeline support


Dependency caching


Docker layer caching

Paid extra

Dedicated support for Android builds and deploy


Dedicated support for iOS builds and deploy


Docker environment

Paid extra

Linux VM environment

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Switching to Buddy is easy

Switching to Buddy is easy

  • Easy team onboarding

  • Integrates with your favorite tools

  • Works off the bat

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A fully integrated developer suite

  • Git

  • Cloud

  • IaaS & PaaS

  • Build Tools & Task Runners

  • Tests

  • Databases

  • Colaboration

  • Monitoring & Performance

CI/CD that your dev team will love

  • Screenshot of configuration process in Buddy

    Script-free configuration

    • Over 20 dedicated integrations

      Integrate easily with Docker, Azure, AWS, GCD, Digitalocean, Datadog, Cloudflare, Shopify and more

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    • Over 100 ready-to-use actions

      Automate your workflow with a vast library of deployment, laaS, build and monitoring actions

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  • Screenshot of team management tool in Buddy

    Advanced team management tools

    • Customizable permissions

      Manage pipeline and workspace access for your team members and enforce approval requirement for specific executions

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    • Manual approvals

      Restrict builds to require a manual approval by selected team members

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    • SSO and LDAP support

      Easily manage users between Buddy and your authentication servers

  • Screenshot of actions in build and delivery processes in Buddy

    Faster build & delivery

    • Dependency cache by defaults

      No need to save and restore dependencies for every new build

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    • Free Docker layer caching

      Docker layers are cached by default on all plans at no additional cost

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    • Changeset-Based deployments

      Upload only changed code and files to minimize your deployment times

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"It was easier, and faster to migrate all our builds to Buddy than it was to set up a single new build on CircleCI. They have a phenomenal UI, where I can manually trigger builds. Their Docker and caching integration is first class, and builds are insanely fast. There is no minute waiting time if I want to use Docker builds."

Rik Nauta

Co-founder of @Donna

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Buddy improve team management and security?

    Buddy has a multiple tools that can help you with that. Trigger conditions can be used to determine exactly when a pipeline or action can be executed. You can also use permission settings to control access levels for every team member.
  • Does Buddy support Docker on the free plan?

    Yes, Buddy offers a full Docker support for all plans, including the free tier.
  • What effect does Docker layer caching have on my builds?

    Whenever a layer is built, Docker will use its cached version for as long as nothing has changed. This solution greatly improves build speed.
  • Can you use YAML configuration in Buddy?

    Yes, Buddy supports both GUI and YAML configuration. You can create a pipeline in the GUI, export it to YAML, and keep it in version control to track progress in your project. Or you can design the whole delivery process in code, just like you did with Jenkins.
  • Is Buddy free to use?

    Buddy offers a free tier with 1 seat, unlimited projects, and 300 pipeline GB-minutes. You can upgrade to a higher plan to increase the GB-limit and activate additional features at any time. All new accounts start with 14 days of trial and all features unlocked, allowing you for intense and unrestricted testing.

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