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Four stages of
deployment with Buddy

  • Screenshot of full-stack deployment


    Our dedicated PHP action allows you to select the PHP version, install required extensions, and automatically run Composer.

    • Dependencies, such as vendors/ or
      node_modules/, are cached by default

    • Easily install any additional packages or dependencies

    Learn more about building →
  • Screenshot of visual tests


    Run unit tests for your build environment within a single pipeline.

    • Attached databases are launched in Docker containers linked to your test actions

    • Actively monitor the quality of your code with PHP CS Fixer, PHPStan, or Psalm

    • Run visual tests and compare changes between the live version and the new release

    Learn more about testing →
  • Screenshot of deployment


    Buddy's deployment speed cannot be matched. You can use our IaaS integrations (AWS, GCP, Azure), deploy to bare-metal servers, or use your own scripts (Ansible, Puppet, custom shell).

    • Changeset-based deployments allow for faster and more convenient executions.

    • Easily access and run scripts on your servers from Buddy over SSH

    • Supports FTP/SFTP, Rsync & Atomic Deployments

    Learn more about deploying →
  • Screenshot of Monitoring


    Monitor the performance and health of your app before and after the release.

    • Over a dozen predefined app monitoring actions including Ghost Inspector, Lighthouse and Sentry

    • Run regular smoke tests with our web monitoring actions and custom scripts

    Learn more about monitoring →

“Overall my experience has been absolutely amazing. I have been able to deploy multiple technology stacks to multiple different environments, integrate PHP unit testing, check my applications' up-time, all while viewing everything in a single interface. Buddy has numerous 1st-party integrations to various platforms and tools to get you started very quickly.”

Doug Niccum

Lead Developer at @Shier

Why developers choose Buddy

Simple configuration

Create a delivery pipeline in 15 minutes with 120+ actions. Make a push and watch Buddy build and deploy your code.


Hook up your favorite 3rd-party service and run tasks on auto-pilot. Release more software in shorter time.


Install tools in build containers and add actions on-the-fly when required. Create the working environment that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I use MySQL or other database during my build?

  • Will my team benefit from using Buddy?

  • Is there a way to trigger my build pipeline without making changes in the source code?

  • Can Buddy improve the security of my application?

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