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Four stages of
deployment with Buddy

  • Screenshot of full-stack deployment


    Our dedicated PHP action allows you to select the PHP version, install required extensions, and automatically run Composer.

    • Dependencies, such as vendors/ or
      node_modules/, are cached by default

    • Easily install any additional packages or dependencies

    Learn more about building →
  • Screenshot of visual tests


    Run unit tests for your build environment within a single pipeline.

    • Attached databases are launched in Docker containers linked to your test actions

    • Actively monitor the quality of your code with PHP CS Fixer, PHPStan, or Psalm

    • Run visual tests and compare changes between the live version and the new release

    Learn more about testing →
  • Screenshot of deployment


    Buddy's deployment speed cannot be matched. You can use our IaaS integrations (AWS, GCP, Azure), deploy to bare-metal servers, or use your own scripts (Ansible, Puppet, custom shell).

    • Changeset-based deployments allow for faster and more convenient executions.

    • Easily access and run scripts on your servers from Buddy over SSH

    • Supports FTP/SFTP, Rsync & Atomic Deployments

    Learn more about deploying →
  • Screenshot of Monitoring


    Monitor the performance and health of your app before and after the release.

    • Over a dozen predefined app monitoring actions including Ghost Inspector, Lighthouse and Sentry

    • Run regular smoke tests with our web monitoring actions and custom scripts

    Learn more about monitoring →

“Overall my experience has been absolutely amazing. I have been able to deploy multiple technology stacks to multiple different environments, integrate PHP unit testing, check my applications' up-time, all while viewing everything in a single interface. Buddy has numerous 1st-party integrations to various platforms and tools to get you started very quickly.”

Doug Niccum

Lead Developer at @Shier

Why developers choose Buddy

Simple configuration

Create a delivery pipeline in 15 minutes with 120+ actions. Make a push and watch Buddy build and deploy your code.


Hook up your favorite 3rd-party service and run tasks on auto-pilot. Release more software in shorter time.


Install tools in build containers and add actions on-the-fly when required. Create the working environment that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What PHP tasks can I automate with Buddy?

    Buddy allows you to automate all types of PHP tasks: install dependencies with Composer, run tests using PHPUnit, check code style with PHP CS Fixer, run static analysis with Psalm or PHPStan, or deploy your code to the server using Ansible, Deployer, or FTP/SFTP protocols.
  • Why should I use Buddy to set up a Continuous Delivery pipeline?

    Continuous Delivery helps release software much faster, allowing you to get more feedback from the client and deliver better quality software. Contrary to other CI/CD tools that require DevOps experience and knowledge of YAML scripting, Buddy's unique UI allows you to create a fully-featured delivery pipeline in roughly 15 minutes.
  • Can I use MySQL or other database during my build?

    Yes. Buddy allows for adding up to five different services to your build and test actions. You can select from a wide range of preconfigured services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and more. It is also possible to add your custom Docker image.
  • Will my team benefit from using Buddy?

    Yes. Buddy allows you to create Continuous Integration pipelines that will check your code on every pull request, giving your team instant feedback. This will reduce the overall code review time. It is also possible to automate your code architecture tests with tools like phpat (PHP Architecture Tester).
  • Is there a way to trigger my build pipeline without making changes in the source code?

    Yes. Buddy allows you to trigger your pipelines manually with a click. You can select the revision to which it will be run, clear cache, or run your pipeline from scratch removing all previously calculated changesets.
  • Can Buddy improve the security of my application?

    Each pipeline can be run periodically, just like cron. Thanks to this, you can configure regular code security tests with tools like SensioLabs Security Checker. You can also create an alternative set of actions for each pipeline that will notify your team whenever something goes wrong.

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