Easy CI/CD for Vue developers

Buddy is everything you need to build, stage and deploy Vue.js like a DevOps pro

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How Buddy works

  • Build

    Build apps with pure Vue.js or frameworks like Nuxt and Gridsome. Cache dependencies in build containers for better performance.

  • Test

    Run units tests and detect code violations with ESLint. Optimize performance with integration and E2E tests.

  • Stage

    Preview websites directly from Git with a couple of clicks using Buddy Sandboxes. Run visual tests and compare versions before the release.

  • Deploy

    Upload your app to AWS, DigitalOcean, Firebase, SFTP, or any other cloud or bare-metal server.

  • Monitor

    Monitor post-deployment performance with Lighthouse. Survey your website for bugs with Sentry and Bugsnag.

Why Buddy

Works out of the box

Create a delivery pipeline in 15 minutes with 120+ actions. Make a push and get the job done.


Easily add Buddy to your existing stack with 20+ integrations to popular services.

Static and SSR support

Deploy static sites to any CDN and SSR sites to any server. No vendor lock-in.

With love for Vue.js

  • Screenshot of full-stack deployment in Buddy

    Full-stack deployment

    • Deploy front-end and back-end at the same time and avoid mismatch between versions

    • Compress images and compile assets with Webpack to optimize performance

    • Works with any stack (Node.js, Java, Python, etc.)

    • Supports zero-downtime and atomic deployments

  • Screenshot of visual tests process

    Visual tests

    • Capture screenshots from your browser and compare changes

    • Add excluded areas to leave out dynamically generated content like banners and ads

  • Screenshot of sandboxes in Buddy


    • Spin up, Nginx, Node, or any other type of server in a couple of seconds

    • Stage pull requests for review with one click before merging

    • Run automatic smoke tests and send results to Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I deploy front-end and back-end at the same time?

  • Can I preview PR changes before the deployment?

  • Can I deploy app with SSR (Server Side Rendering)?

  • How is Buddy different from other CI/CD tools?

  • Is Buddy free?

It’s easy to get started

Buddy provides a forever-free account. You can upgrade when needed.

  • Unlimited Delivery Pipelines

  • High-performance Build Environment

  • Easy configuration via GUI & YAML

  • First-class Docker support

  • Continuous Deployment for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more

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