Easy CI/CD for Vue developers

Buddy is everything you need to build, stage and deploy Vue.js like a DevOps pro

How Buddy works

  • Build

    Build apps with pure Vue.js or frameworks like Nuxt and Gridsome. Cache dependencies in build containers for better performance.

  • Test

    Run units tests and detect code violations with ESLint. Optimize performance with integration and E2E tests.

  • Stage

    Preview websites directly from Git with a couple of clicks using Buddy Sandboxes. Run visual tests and compare versions before the release.

  • Deploy

    Upload your app to AWS, DigitalOcean, Firebase, SFTP, or any other cloud or bare-metal server.

  • Monitor

    Monitor post-deployment performance with Lighthouse. Survey your website for bugs with Sentry and Bugsnag.

Why Buddy

Works out of the box

Create a delivery pipeline in 15 minutes with 120+ actions. Make a push and get the job done.


Easily add Buddy to your existing stack with 20+ integrations to popular services.

Static and SSR support

Deploy static sites to any CDN and SSR sites to any server. No vendor lock-in.

With love for Vue.js

  • Screenshot of full-stack deployment in Buddy

    Full-stack deployment

    • Deploy front-end and back-end at the same time and avoid mismatch between versions

    • Compress images and compile assets with Webpack to optimize performance

    • Works with any stack (Node.js, Java, Python, etc.)

    • Supports zero-downtime and atomic deployments

  • Screenshot of visual tests process

    Visual tests

    • Capture screenshots from your browser and compare changes

    • Add excluded areas to leave out dynamically generated content like banners and ads

  • Screenshot of sandboxes in Buddy


    • Spin up, Nginx, Node, or any other type of server in a couple of seconds

    • Stage pull requests for review with one click before merging

    • Run automatic smoke tests and send results to Slack, MS Teams, Discord, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I deploy front-end and back-end at the same time?

    Yes, Buddy supports concurrency allowing you to run pipelines and actions in parallel.
  • Can I preview PR changes before the deployment?

    Yes, you can do that with the Sandboxes, the dynamically created staging environments. Sandboxes allow you to serve your application from the chosen branch, tag, or PR on isolated VMs configured in a couple of clicks.
  • Can I deploy app with SSR (Server Side Rendering)?

    Yes, you can deploy static apps to any CDN or hosting provider. You can also deploy apps with SSR to 3rd-party services like DigitalOcean or Vultr, or run nuxt build && nuxt start on the server over SSH.
  • How is Buddy different from other CI/CD tools?

    Apart from the deployment speed, Buddy tackles down the few annoyances that you might have encountered with other tools:
    1. It has no vendor lock-in and allows you to deploy anywhere.
    2. Our pipelines are easy to set up without the need of YAML/TOML scripting.
    3. It allows you to easily build upon existing infrastructure without disrupting your workflow.
  • Is Buddy free?

    Buddy offers a free tier with all the features you can find on the premium plans. The only difference is the amount of resources free accounts have access to.

It’s easy to get started

Buddy provides a forever-free account. You can upgrade when needed.

  • Unlimited Delivery Pipelines

  • High-performance Build Environment

  • Easy configuration via GUI & YAML

  • First-class Docker support

  • Continuous Deployment for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and more

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