The new smarter alternative to CircleCI & Jenkins

Buddy helps teams adopt DevOps at amazing speed with script‑free configuration and 100+ developer actions.

  • 10-minute configuration

  • Free dependency cache

  • Full Docker & Kubernetes support

  • Supreme performance

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Buddy CI/CD against CircleCI vs Jenkins

FTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

SFTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

Manual deployment approval

Sandboxes (dynamic test environments)


Database testing and services


Limited / Plugin

Artifacts support

Multi-repo pipeline support


Dependency caching


Limited / Plugin

Docker layer caching

Paid extra

Limited / Plugin

Dedicated support for Android builds and deploy


Dedicated support for iOS builds and deploy


Docker environment

Paid extra

Linux VM environment

Trusted by 10,000+ developers

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Switching to Buddy is easy

Switching to Buddy is easy

  • Easy team onboarding

  • Integrates with your favorite tools

  • Works off the bat

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Every integration a developer needs

  • Git

  • Cloud

  • IaaS & PaaS

  • Build Tools & Task Runners

  • Tests

  • Databases

  • Colaboration

  • Monitoring & Performance

CI/CD that your dev team will love

  • Screenshot of pipeline configuration in Buddy

    Plug & Play

    • 10-minute configuration

      Buddy integrates with all popular cloud services with no extra plug-ins, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Netlify, Slack & Telegram.

    • 30+ integrations

      Automate your workflow with a vast library of deployment, laaS, build and monitoring actions

    • Works with your stack

      Regardless if you’re a Java developer, a Node-ninja, or a Docker enthusiast, Buddy supports all modern frameworks and techs, including Android and iOS.

  • Screenshot of performance in Buddy


    • Faster builds

      All dependencies are downloaded only once and stay cached in the container, massively reducing pipeline execution time.

    • Faster deployments

      Buddy cuts down on deployment time by uploading changed files only – no need to deploy the whole repository on every update.

    • Docker caching in price

      Building Docker images is faster, as existing layers are cached by default in the filesystem at no additional cost.

  • Screenshot of YAML configuration in Buddy

    Full YAML support

    • Progress tracking

      Store configuration as code in the repository to track the development of your CI/CD process.

    • Easy switch

      Switch between GUI and YAML on-the fly in a single click.

    • Simplified configuration

      Configure pipelines in Buddy’s UI and export configuration to read-to-use YAML files.

“It was easier, and faster to migrate all our builds to Buddy than it was to set up a single new build on CircleCI. They have a phenomenal UI, where I can manually trigger builds. Their Docker and caching integration is first class, and builds are insanely fast. There is no minute waiting time if I want to use Docker builds.”

Rik Nauta

Co-founder of @Donna

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Buddy secure?

  • Why should I use UI instead of YAML? I love YAML!

  • Does Buddy support plugins like Jenkins?

  • Can I install Buddy on my own server?

  • Do you have a free plan on Buddy?

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