YAML Schema

The buddy.yml file defines all pipelines in the project. Every pipeline consists of a list of actions to be executed. Below you’ll find schemas for both pipelines and actions.

Pipelines schema

The file consists of a list of pipelines:


- pipeline: "production"
trigger_mode: "MANUAL"
ref_name: "master"
- key: "username"
value: "Buddy"
settable: false
description: "var_descrption"
- pipeline: "build"
trigger_mode: "ON_EVERY_PUSH"
ref_name: "*"


StringThe ID of the pipeline.
StringThe trigger mode of the pipeline. Can be one of MANUAL, SCHEDULED or ON_EVERY_PUSH.
ref_typeStringThe ref type that triggers the pipeline. Can be one of BRANCH, TAG, WILDCARD, PULL_REQUEST or NONE.
ref_nameStringThe wildcard, branch, tag or pull request. Automatically set to NONE if not provided.
always_from_scratchBooleanDefines whether or not to upload everything from scratch on every execution.
auto_clear_cacheBooleanDefines whether or not to automatically clear cache before running the pipeline .
no_skip_to_most_recentBooleanDefines whether or not to skip execution to the most recent execution.
do_not_create_commit_statusBooleanDefines whether or not to omit sending commit statuses to Github or Gitlab upon execution.
start_dateiso 8601 utc dateRequired if the pipeline is set to trigger_mode SCHEDULED and no cron is specified. Defines when the pipeline execution should start. Format: 2016-11-18T12:38:16.000Z
delayIntegerRequired if the pipeline is set to trigger_mode SCHEDULED and no cron is specified. Defines the intervals in which the pipeline should be executed (in minutes).
cronStringRequired if the pipeline is set to trigger_mode SCHEDULED and neither start_date nor delay is specified. The standard CRON expression defining the execution schedule.
actions_listString[]The list of actions executed in the pipeline.
variablesVariable[]The list of variables you can use in the pipeline.
ignore_fail_on_project_statusBooleanIf set to true the status of a given pipeline (successful, in-progress or failed) will not impact the project status on the dashboard.
execution_message_templateStringThe title of every execution in this pipeline. By default it is set to $BUDDY_EXECUTION_REVISION_SUBJECT.

Actions schema

Every pipeline contains a list of actions. The actions are executed in the order provided in the .yml file:


- pipeline: "production"
trigger_mode: "MANUAL"
ref_name: "master"
ref_type: "BRANCH"
execution_message_template: "test"
ignore_fail_on_project_status: "true"
- action: "Execute: npm test"
type: "BUILD"
docker_image_name: "library/node"
docker_image_tag: "6"
- "npm install"
- "npm test"
- "npm install -g gulp grunt-cli"
- key: "username"
value: "Buddy"
settable: true
description: "var_description"
- action: "Upload files to buddy.server"
type: "FTP"
input_type: "BUILD_ARTIFACTS"
local_path: "/"
login: "buddy"
password: "password"
host: "buddy.server"
port: "21"


StringThe ID of the action.
StringThe type of the action.
trigger_timeStringSpecifies when the action should be executed. Can be one of ON_EVERY_EXECUTION, ON_FAILURE or ON_BACK_TO_SUCCESS. The default value is ON_EVERY_EXECUTION.
variablesVariable[]The list of variables you can use the action

On top of these three properties every action has a set properties unique to its type. You can read how to define each type in separate articles.