Only workspace owners can access and manage billing settings.

You can access billing settings and check your current plan and resource usage in the Billing tab located in the left menu:

Billing tab locationBilling tab location


Payment methods are assigned to individual users rather than workspaces. This means the current workspace owner must have a valid payment method added via their My-ID settings in order to pay for the workspace.

Payment methods

Buddy supports credit cards and PayPal transfers and uses Braintree to process payments, i.e. no billing information is stored on our servers as everything is served via the external provider. You can add and update your payment methods in Billing → Payment methods:

Updating payment methodUpdating payment method


You can top up the account balance to ensure that your workspace remains fully operative, for example, in case of unexpected problems with your credit card or bank. To add funds to the wallet, go to the Balance & Transactions tab in your user's billing settings.

Balance overviewBalance overview

If the wallet balance is positive, Buddy will first charge the amount in the wallet, then the payment method linked with the account. If the balance is zero, Buddy will use the payment method linked with the account.


When you add a payment method, you are automatically charged for the selected plan. The payment is then repeated on the same day each month. For example, if you add a card on January 27th, Buddy charges you on the same day, and schedules the next payment for February 27th.

Refund policy

You can get a refund of your payment if you file a request no later than 10 days after your account has been charged. You can't get a refund for partial usage of the service or for the period when your account was canceled.

Transactions history

The Balance & Transactions tab shows the history of all billing operations assigned to your user ID (payments, credit card updates, etc.), including declined payments with associated errors that will help you resolve card issues with your bank.

Transactions historyTransactions history

Decline errors

All events in the transaction history are generated from responses from our payment provider.

Click here for the full list of Braintree's decline error types


Generation and download

Invoices are generated automatically at the moment of the charge. All invoices are available for download in the Invoices section of the Billing tab:

Invoice listInvoice list

To automatically receive newly generated invoices, add an email address to the company details (see below).

Company details

You can enter the details of your company in the Invoicing details tab:

Invoicing detailsInvoicing details

In this tab, you can also provide an email address for invoice delivery.

Updating the details is not retroactive and will only apply to invoices yet to be issued. It is not possible to regenerate existing invoices.
If your company is EU-based, make sure to enter your VAT-ID to get exempted from VAT.

Last modified on September 22, 2023


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