Integrating with Telegram allows you to send custom automatic messages to your Telegram channel.

Register a new Telegram bot

To integrate Telegram with Buddy, you must create a Telegram bot that posts messages defined in Buddy automatically to the channels it's added to or to the users who start a conversation with the bot. Read the official Telegram documentation to learn more about bots.
  1. In Telegram, find the BotFather user and click Start.

  1. Type /newbot to create a new Telegram bot.
  2. Define the name and the username for the bot as prompted.
  3. Copy the bot username and the API token
    • you need to provide them in Buddy.

  1. Sign in to your Buddy On-Premises instance as admin.
  2. Go to Integrations, click Add a new integration, and select Telegram from the list.
  3. Click Configure Telegram app.
  4. Provide the username and API token of the bot you created.

  1. Click Save changes and restart Buddy to apply the changes.

Last modified on September 8, 2022


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