Automate your React.js delivery

An intuitive and hassle-free way of introducing CI/CD to your React workflow.

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The 3-step deployment cycle with Buddy

  • Build in Buddy


    Customize build commands to adjust the tasks to perform

    • Dependencies such as vendors/ or node_modules/ are cached by default

    • All actions use official Docker images as the base template

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  • Screenshot of testing in Buddy


    Check your code for errors on every pipeline execution

    • Launch tests in isolated containers. Attach MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, and any other services

    • Actively monitor the quality of your code with our linter actions

    • Compare deployed and live versions of your website with visual tests

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  • Screenshot of deploying in Buddy


    Automate deployment to any type of server. Use dedicated IaaS integrations (AWS, Google, Azure), or write your own script (Ansible, Puppet, custom shell)

    • Deploy to local infrastructure or cloud

    • Enforce manual approval for better control of your team’s workflow

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Learn how to deploy React.js with no downtime

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Monitor your app

Check the health and performance of your apps before after the release.

  • Build in Buddy

    Identify problems early

    Send messages to Slack, MS Teams, Telegram, or your mobile in case of emergency

  • Lighthouse monitoring

    Keep track of the app performance

    Synchronize with 3-rd party monitoring services like New Relic, Sentry, and Datadog to detect anomalies and performance spikes

“I tried all CI/CD tools out there and Buddy is so easy and intuitive that all other projects should be ashamed of themselves for making this simple process so complex.”

Goran Tepšić

Chief Technology Officer at @Four Dots

Why Buddy is the future


Buddy's open architecture allows you to stay ahead of the game by easily adopting the newest in the web development technology.


Buddy removes the friction between the developer and the tool with fully visualized pipelines and super-easy configuration.


Buddy's raw infrastructure power combined with fine-tuned deployment and caching mechanisms let you release more software in shorter time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How is Buddy different from other CI/CD tools?

  • Is Buddy free?

  • Can I attach databases to my builds?

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