Google App Engine with YAML

YAML parameters for Google App Engine

You can find the list with common parameters for all Buddy actions here.

StringThe ID of the action.
typeStringThe type of the action. Should be set to GOOGLE_APP_ENGINE.
StringThe name of the GAE Bucket.
StringThe name of the GAE application.
input_typeStringDefines whether the files are deployed from the repository or from the build filesystem. Can be one of SCM_REPOSITORY or BUILD_ARTIFACTS.
local_pathStringThe path in the repository.
run_only_on_first_failureBooleanDefines whether the action should be executed on each failure. Restricted to and required if the trigger_time is ON_FAILURE.
version_labelStringThe label of the image version.
image_urlStringThe URL address to the desired image.
promote_all_trafficBooleanSpecifies whether or not to send all traffic to the new version immediately.
stop_previous_versionBooleanSpecifies whether or not to stop previous version instances.
verbosityStringThe verbosity level. Default level is warning. Can be one of critical, debug, error, info, none or warning.
server_keyStringThe GAE server key (Base64).
trigger_conditionStringDefines when the build action should be run. Can be one of ALWAYS, ON_CHANGE, ON_CHANGE_AT_PATH, VAR_IS, VAR_IS_NOT or VAR_CONTAINS.
trigger_condition_pathsString[]Required when trigger_condition is set to ON_CHANGE_AT_PATH.
trigger_variable_keyStringRequired when trigger_condition is set to VAR_IS, VAR_IS_NOT or VAR_CONTAINS. Defines the name of the desired variable.
trigger_variable_valueStringRequired when trigger_condition is set to VAR_IS, VAR_IS_NOT or VAR_CONTAINS. Defines the value of the desired variable which will be compared with its current value.
disabledBooleanWhen set to true the action is disabled. By default it is set to false.

YAML example for Google App Engine

- action: "Deploy to Google App Engine/Buddy tests"
local_path: "/"
bucket_name: ""
application_name: "buddy-tests-112923"
version_label: "${execution.to_revision.revision}"
image_url: ""
promote_all_traffic: true
stop_previous_version: true
verbosity: "warning"
server_key: "secure!2Sq0OEyGS1yTgGIcQ7d/ToKSnQ9wd3QOvwtSUGMOCtHgOfA3KKXAAiJxbK0uwTEURKAWrRnMuCLfFKrWEMc8GPMoQCNY8/efga214gg4E!3t21=="