Google Cloud Platform integration

Buddy continuously expands its integration with Google Cloud services. Thanks to our dedicated Google actions developers can upload, run and manage code within their Google cloud environment and create pipelines that will automate their entire CI/CD process.

Google Cloud Platform actionsGoogle Cloud Platform actions

Google Cloud Storage is a storage service for developers and enterprises offering four types of storage: Multi-regional, Regional and Nearline/Coldline

Google cloud action configurationGoogle cloud action configuration

Click the Test button to verify connection details before adding the action.

Google App Engine allows to upload, build and deliver web and mobile backend on Google Cloud Platform. This works similarly to Heroku or Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk.

đź“š Learn more about Google App Engine action features, integrations and alternatives.

Google App Engine action configurationGoogle App Engine action configuration

Google Container Engine is a Kubernetes-based cluster manager running within Google Cloud. This service allows developers to create enterprise-grade applications that require scalability and performance. Buddy has four dedicated actions that will help you automate GKE delivery process:

Google Container EngineGoogle Container Engine

Last modified on February 3, 2023

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