Google Cloud Platform integration

Buddy continuously expands its integration with Google Cloud services. Thanks to our dedicated Google actions developers can upload, run and manage code within their Google cloud environment and create pipelines that will automate their entire CI/CD process.

Google Cloud Platform actionsGoogle Cloud Platform actions

Types of Google integration

Integrating Buddy with Google can be performed in two ways:

  1. By creating a service principal.
  2. By using the OIDC identity provider.

Service principal

Service account identities allow for much higher granulation of permissions than standard OAuth. For the integration to work, you need to paste the JSON with the service account key to Buddy.

Before you proceed, make sure to properly configure the required policies in your service account's permission settings.
  1. Sign to your Google Cloud Console and go to IAM & Admin.
  2. Switch to Service Accounts and click the account that you want to integrate with.

Service accounts in gcloud panelService accounts in gcloud panel

  1. Switch to the Keys tab and create a new key:

Keys tab in service accountKeys tab in service account

  1. Set the type to JSON and click Create to download the key to disk.

Service account key creationService account key creation

Once downloaded, you can use the key to configure the integration in Buddy:

  1. Sign in to Buddy and go to the Integrations tab.
  2. Click New integration and look up Google Cloud.
  3. Configure the integration details:
    • name
    • sharing scope
    • availability (workspace vs project)
  4. Upload the JSON file with the created service key.
  5. Click the button to save the changes.

Gcloud integration config in BuddyGcloud integration config in Buddy


To integrate with OIDC, jump to our dedicated article on integrating Google services with Buddy pipelines over OIDC.

Last modified on August 2, 2023


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