Tracking changes on repository timeline

Browse Code in your repository and click History in the right column to bring up the timeline of events.

What you need to know:

  • The timeline shows the commits in the currently viewed branch
  • Clicking on a commit name or hash will redirect you to its revision
  • Click on a revision number to browse files in that revision
  • Colored dots represent added (green), modified (orange) and deleted (red) files. Hover mouse over the dots for detailed info
  • Click the blue button to change the currently viewed branch

Tracking changes on activity stream

  1. Go to Activity to display the stream of events
  2. Click Filters & Options -> Source to narrow the activity to events in the repo only

You can also activate the stream from Dashboard to display events in all your projects.

The difference between History and Activity

  • History shows commits and is a visual representation of the git log command
  • Activity displays the history of pushes to the repository + creation of branches and tags and merge requestsx