Pipelines: Commit commands

Buddy lets you run pipelines remotely from your terminal with commit commands. Once you make a push, Buddy will automatically execute the command from the last commit.

For example, running:

$ git commit -am 'website hotfix --run production'
$ git push origin master

will trigger the pipeline named ‘production’.

List of commit parameters

  1. Run a pipeline of the given name:

     --run NAME
     --run 'NAME WITH SPACES'

    Note that NAME is not case sensitive, so if your pipeline is named ‘Deploy to Production’ you can trigger it by running:

     $ git commit -am "first commit --run 'deploy to production'"
  2. Run all pipelines in the repository:

     --run all
  3. Do not run any pipeline in the repository:


    This feature is useful for pipelines with automatic deliveries.

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