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There are two ways of configuring your pipeline in Buddy: either by using GUI or configuring it by code (YAML). You can find a precise description of YAML syntax in our documentation. Apart from that, to make the configuration easier you can use the YAML Helper which, based on your GUI configuration, will generate a YAML file.

Switching GUI to YAML

Once you configure your pipeline in GUI, you can export the configuration to YAML and commit it to the repository after that. To do this you only need to:

  1. Open pipeline view
  2. Click YAML configuration in the right menu. A box with your YAML file will appear – copy it and add the buddy.yml file to the repository.
  3. To change to YAML mode click Switch in this box. YAML configurationYAML configuration

YAML Helper

Once you change configuration mode to YAML, all subsequent changes in your pipelines (adding new pipelines/editing or deleting them) need to be processed from a YAML file. To make the configuration easier we created the YAML Helper that can be used to generate YAML configuration.

For example if you want to add the SFTP action to your pipeline open the pipelines view and click YAML Helper in the right menu. Then choose the "Generate a new action" option. Generate a new actionGenerate a new action

In the next step choose the action, enter the required data and click Generate YAML. Paste the generated file to your buddy.yml file.

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Last modified on April 26, 2022

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