Slack integration

πŸ“š Learn more about Slack action features, integrations and alternatives.

Integrating Buddy with Slack will keep your team updated with automatic notifications on finished builds and deployments to a Slack channel. You can also use it to trigger and get the status of your pipelines with slash commands.

Example pipeline using Slack notification

Buddy is a pipeline delivery automation tool that integrates with Slack and other notification services. Learn how to seamlessly introduce Buddy to your development workflow.

Send messages to a Slack channel

  1. Look up and choose Slack from the Notifications section: Adding Slack action
  2. Sign in to your Slack team and authorise Buddy to access Slack.
  3. Select the Channel to which you want to send the notifications and customize the message: Slack action configuration

Run pipelines with slash commands

Slash commands can be used to trigger things like pipeline executions directly from the Slack channel. To use the commands you must first configure an integration in Slack.

  1. Go to the target pipeline, click Slack handle in the right column and copy the URL: Slack handles
  2. Go to the slash commands section of Slack services.
  3. Enter the name of the command and click Add Slack Command Integration:

Adding Slack slash command integration

  1. In the Integration Settings, paste the URL copied from Buddy and customize the command to your liking.

Supported slash commands

The [name] parameter represents the name of the command entered in the Slack integration.

  • /[name] status – displays pipeline status
  • /[name] run – runs execution
  • /[name] cancel – cancels execution (must be in progress)
  • /[name] refresh – refreshes execution
  • /[name] retry – runs execution again (must be terminated or canceled)
  • /[name] clear run – deploy and refresh can be used with the clear cache trigger
  • /[name] refresh 1c002dd – deploy and refresh can be used with any revision
  • /[name] clear run 1c002dd – clear and revision can be run together