Honeybadger integration

đź“š Learn more about Honeybadger action features, integrations and alternatives.

By adding Honeybadger integration to your Buddy pipeline you will be able to identify and debug errors & exceptions when they occur in the production so you can quickly decide whether to apply a hotfix or roll back changes.

Honeybadger pipeline exampleHoneybadger pipeline example

You can also use Honeybadger for:

  • Uptime monitoring – checking your sites & services externally from different locations in the world and notifying you if they’re down
  • Check-in monitoring – your services & cron jobs check in to Honeybadger and it notifies you if they go missing
Buddy is a pipeline delivery automation tool that integrates with Honeybadger and other monitoring services. Learn how to seamlessly introduce Buddy to your development workflow.

Setting up Honeybadger integration

To integrate Buddy with Honeybadger follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Honeybadger and go to User Settings
  2. Head to Authentication and copy your Honeybadger API Token: Honeybadger AuthenticationHoneybadger Authentication
  3. Go to the pipeline that you want to track in Buddy and select Honeybadger action from the Performance & App monitoring section: Adding a Honeybadger Adding a Honeybadger
  4. Click Add another Honeybadger account: Adding more accountsAdding more accounts
  5. A pop-up will appear. Enter the name of your Honeybadger account and paste the API key: Adding Honeybadger integrationAdding Honeybadger integration
  6. When authenticated, select the project and fill the environment field.

Last modified on August 17, 2023


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