Deploy to Google App Engine

If you are new to Buddy, check out our quickstart guides that will tell you how to build, test and deploy your type of application.

Buddy turns deployments into a breeze, allowing you to update your applications on Google on every push to branch. You can also deploy manually on click, or recurrently on time intervals.

Google App Engine pipeline exampleGoogle App Engine pipeline example

Configure GAE action

  1. Create a new project, select your Git provider and choose the repository with your project
  2. Add a new pipeline and configure the details: name, trigger mode, and branch from which you want to deploy
  3. Look up and click Google App Engine on the action list: Google actions in BuddyGoogle actions in Buddy
  4. Authorize Buddy in your Google account: Adding Google account integrationAdding Google account integration
  5. Configure action details:

    • select the application where you want to deploy and follow the instructions to grant Buddy access to it

Granting buddy access to your Google accountGranting buddy access to your Google account

If you are using build actions in your pipeline, make sure to select the Filesystem as the source to deploy artifacts and processed files.
  1. When ready, click Add this action to finish configuration.
Click More options to select the deployment bucket and set additional parameters.

Last modified on February 1, 2023


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