22 January 2019

Buddy v2.1.51 Released (22-01-2019)

New features:


  • Show variables in logs
  • The variables in the ‘Run next pipeline action’ are now sorted in alphabetical order

Bug fixes:

  • Browse option in the remote path for the SFTP and Rsync actions has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug which cleared the private key while editing Rsync action
  • When settable variables were empty while defining a build action, they weren’t exported correctly to subsequent actions - now they are exported correctly
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases the commit dates in $BUDDY_EXECUTION_CHANGELOG variable were incorrect
17 January 2019

New SSH implementation

SSH keys are rightly considered the more secure method of authentication as compared to traditional user/password method. To maintain the high-security level of our service, we have upgraded the SSH library in Buddy to support the Ed25519 format.

Along with these changes, we have performed an internal audit resulting in moving the whole infrastructure to the more secure SSH standard.

16 January 2019

New action: Deployment to UpCloud

In response to the already huge number of requests from our users, we’re happy to deliver a dedicated integration with the UpCloud hosting services

UpCloud provides cloud infrastructure renowned for its high-performance, scalability and friendly approach towards developer needs. You can find the new integration in the IaaS section of Buddy’s actions:

15 January 2019

Buddy v2.1.48 Released (15-01-2019)

New features

  • New integration: Deployment to UpCloud
  • New SSH implementation – the new library allows for new types of keys in Git authorization and SSH/SFTP actions
  • Variables in REST API – from now on you can manage your Workspace/Project/Pipeline variables via the API


  • New Default Variable: $BUDDY_EXECUTION_CHANGELOG
  • New Default Variable: $BUDDY_EXECUTION_PULL_REQUEST_NO. Contrary to $BUDDY_EXECUTION_PULL_REQUEST_ID which produced the PR name as pull/[number], the new variable only contains the number
  • [AWS] By default, the AWS S3 action sets the MIME type of uploaded objects. It is now possible to disable this feature
  • [SSH] When executing commands on a server with the SSH action in the script mode, Base64 is required on the server. Buddy will now validate it before the execution
  • [UI/UX] Improved forms for adding/editing action — fixed issues with browser autofill and remembering password modals


  • [Docker] Adding two Docker build actions and setting them in parallel was resulting in a failed execution. Fixed
  • [Docker] Fixed a bug with the flag ‘Allow connection to insecure registry’ wasn’t working properly for all URLs in the ‘Push Docker image’ action
  • [Trigger conditions] Fixed a bug with ENV VAR trigger conditions not working in pipelines whose branch assignment is set to NONE
  • [Docker] Using ENV VARs in the source path in the ‘Push Docker Image’ action was casuing with incorrect path. Fixed
  • [Buddy Enterprise] Improved Azure application and ontegration support for all K8s actions
18 December 2018

Buddy v2.1.47 Released (18-12-2018)

New features

  • Secure sensitive data in YAML/API. All passwords, private keys and other sensitive data can now be sent in an encrypted form. Generating a YAML from our helper returns encrypted values as well


  • Added information with the amount of RAM in the current plan to errors where memory was exceeded
  • It is now possible to export a part of the container’s filesystem in the Docker build and run actions


  • Fixed a bug with the progress bar exceeding 100% in deployment actions in cases where the deployment had a lot of files and folders
  • If the Postgres service started incorrectly, there was an error with fetching the log from this service - now you can properly review the logs
  • Sometimes listing elements in the AWS actions didn’t return the whole list. We have improved pagination and all elements should now be returned correctly
  • Multiple improvements in Rest API responses
11 December 2018

Buddy v2.1.46 Released (11-12-2018)


  • Added suggestions for commands that can be moved to the Environment configuration tab in build actions, e.g. apt-get install
  • Added kubectl support in v1.12.3 and 1.13.0 in Kubernetes actions
  • Added a warning about the maximum number of parallel actions allowed in the plan


  • Fixed a bug with the pipeline progress bar on the cards view stopping on 10% with no visible advancement. Now the bar is filling up properly from 0 to 100%
  • Fixed a bug with some project names (e.g. api) being forbidden by the system
4 December 2018

Buddy v2.1.44 Released (04-12-2018)

New features

  • Action-specific variables – you can now add variables that will be available only in builds and Run image action
  • Use custom Docker images without pushing them to the registry


  • New region in the New Relic action – you can now send notifications to Europe (before, only the US was available)
  • Pipeline and execution views are now loading faster. This solves the problem with executions that contained a lot of git fetch logs (thanks, Ilya!)
  • Improved Angular CLI configuration for Karma tests


  • On some occasions, changing the authentication mode in SSH and SFTP actions altered the connection details to the server. Fixed!