New action: PHP_CodeSniffer

PHP_CodeSniffer is a nifty little tool that lets you detect and fix code violations in PHP, JS and CSS files so that you can upkeep the high quality of your code.

The tool is best used as the final touch before the deployment:

Buddy v2.0.1 Released

New Features

  • Terminal and Browse for Services


  • With the introduction of new plans we have removed the shared queue from the FREE plan
  • New flags added to the Rsyncs action: recursive and dirs
  • Improved path validation in the CloudFront action so that users will know the path should be absolute
  • It is now possible to authenticate with a password in URL’s with the SSH protocol
  • Improved UI will now let you faster react to ‘Trial ended’ and ‘Frozen’ workspace states
  • Changing the password will now log you out from all active sessions except for the one where the change was performed


  • Fixed bug in the Rsync action with velocity syntax trying to enter an environment variable if the server password contained a $

Buddy v2.0.0 Released

New Features


  • You can now select the branch to which the push is made in the Deploy to Azure action
  • Changing the password will now log you out from Buddy on all devices
  • Better UX in environment variables on all tiers (workspace, project, pipeline)
  • It is now possible to clear fields in YAML. For example, if your build action used setup_commands and you want to clear this field, just remove this line
  • Buddy parameters are now supported in the ‘Image Tag’ field in build actions
  • Added support for branches with the same name (case sensitivity)
  • Added ‘Verbosity’ field to the Google App Engine action. Options available: critical, debug, error, info, none, warning (default)


  • Fixed bug with project and account name incorrectly displayed in the Rollbar and Datadog action settings
  • Fixed bug with paths containing spaces not being served in the Amazon CloudFront. Thanks Aaron for pointing that out!

Introducing: Buddy Enterprise v2.0

On December 13 a brand new version of Buddy Enterprise is going to be released.

The update to the standalone, tagged v2.0, will bring a series of new exciting features. It also involves significant changes to pricing plans:

  • the free plan will be discontinued - upgrading to v2.0 will activate a monthly trial
  • you can still run the current version for free as long as you don’t update it
  • you can upgrade your instance with the old pricing until the end of the year ($15/user)

New integration: Honeybadger

Honeybadger helps developers identify and debug errors & exceptions when they occur in the production so you can quickly decide whether to apply a hotfix or roll back changes.

You can also use Honeybadger for:

  • Uptime monitoring – checking your sites & services externally from different locations in the world and notifying you if they’re down
  • Check-in monitoring – your services & cron jobs check in to Honeybadger and it notifies you if they go missing

New integration: Vultr

Following your request, yet another IaaS joins the already extensive stack of Buddy: Vultr.

Since 2014 the Australian service has been steadily gaining recognition as a reliable, high performance cloud. Spanning 15 datacentres across the globe, Vultr provides developers with one-click apps allowing you to launch WordPress blogs, development environments and game servers with a single click – just like running deployments from Buddy.

New integration: DigitalOcean Spaces

In response to the recent launch of DigitalOcean Spaces, we have added a dedicated deployment action to the service.

Spaces are DO’s response to the Amazon S3 buckets, a convenient and budget-wise means to store and serve large amounts of data—such as videos, media and static HTML sites with CSS and JS files that can be linked to your side, etc.

New feature: Trigger condition in actions

Following the update to builds, trigger conditions are now available in all actions. This means you can skip actions if they don’t fulfil certain requirements.

The following conditions have been added to the action settings:

  • Always execute - the action will run every time the pipeline is executed
  • Execute on change in repository - the action will be run only if Buddy detects a commit has been pushed to the pipeline’s branch. This is useful, for example, if you want to re-deploy the application in the same revision to the server and don’t need to compile it again
  • Execute on change in repository paths - the action will be executed only on a change to specific folder in the repository

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