Introducing: Color coding for workspaces

October 6, 2021

Introducing: Color coding for workspaces

Following the tradition of small-yet-nifty features, this week we introduced color coding to workspaces for easier navigation.

The color affects the symbol next to the workspace name. To apply the color, go to DashboardWorkspace Preferences. The option is available right at the top:

Color selection in workspace prefsColor selection in workspace prefs

Selecting the color will permanently tint the logo in the application so that you always know where you are. You can select individual colors per workspace and create a nice colorful string – or apply whatever pattern you need:

Color-code workspacesColor-code workspaces

Buddy is currently in the transition period in which every major view is being redesigned to better accommodate the ever-growing list of upcoming features. We've already updated navigation and released new projects, integrations, source code, and project settings views, with Pipelines securing the spot for the next Big Thing™️.
Buddy is 100% customer driven. If there’s a feature or integration you miss, let us know in the comments below or directly at


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

A story-teller and conversation-lover, Alexander decided to invest his skills to help his friends at Buddy transform the cold language of patch notes into exciting narratives. Also: an avid gamer, hip-hop DJ, Liverpool FC fan, absentminded husband, and the father of two.