New Features


  • Improved error support when updating the Docker Hub integration
  • Branch labels on the Merges view have been widened for better usability
  • All errors for wrong 2FA code have been unified
  • [Firebase] Added ENV VAR support in the Firebase project field
  • [On-Premises] Improved support for new Slack applications


  • Fixed a bug with incorrect CRON validation for a pipeline with refType set to None
  • Fixed a bug with values of settable ENV VARs not being blurred in the logs if they were assigned a value of an encrypted variable
  • [SSH] Fixed a bug with empty lines not saving in the command field
  • [Slack] Fixed a bug with YAML-configured actions crashing if the content block was empty
  • [GitLab] Fixed a bug with incorrect error being displayed if the user with no Master or Owner access level tried to synchronize a repository
  • [Shopify] Fixed a bug with files with a spacebar in the name not being removed during the deployment
  • [SSL Verify] Fixed a bug with the action crashing if the domain provided in the Website URL contained a path (e.g.